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Winter Caddy

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Resembling, but a tad larger than, the average wheeled golf bag, the Caddy carries the 4-5 different types of snowshovels, as well as assorted brushes and scrapers, necessary to clean the drive and walkways before it all melts a few days later.

Includes a sand/carbon-black spreader, a colour-coordinated Thermos and emergency GPS.

FlyingToaster, Feb 09 2013

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       If you were to take the signals from three GPS satellites, as RGB values, you could have colour-coordinated (no pun intended) GPS locations as well.
not_morrison_rm, Feb 09 2013

       // sand/carbon-black spreader, a colour-coordinated Thermos //   

       Hmm, can it be ordered with a colour-coordinated Thermite spreader ?
8th of 7, Feb 09 2013

       I like your idea, FT.
blissmiss, Feb 10 2013


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