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Wise Crackers

stamp words and drag butter over them
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The words are stamped subtly into the face of the cracker, and only reveal themselves if you carefully, and mindfully scrape a very thin layer of butter across the surface.

Note - only works with hard faced crackers - (a type of biscuit for those who live in strange lands, or in any of the colonies)

xenzag, Mar 25 2009

Pringles had made a limited edition of Pringle Prints... http://3.bp.blogspo.../s400/pringles2.jpg
But your idea with the butter is much better! + [xandram, Mar 25 2009]

Secretions Secretions
Hey, who ate all my buns? [theircompetitor, Mar 25 2009]


zen_tom, Mar 25 2009

       Yum +++++
blissmiss, Mar 25 2009

       To have a smooth surface that caves in at special locations would make the effect even stronger.
loonquawl, Mar 25 2009

       i don't get it. if there are indentations won't you see them? also, who puts butter on crackers?
k_sra, Mar 25 2009

       raises hand for [k_sra]-- I do!
xandram, Mar 25 2009

       raises both chubby greasy hands as well...
blissmiss, Mar 25 2009

       [+] The marketing virtually writes itself much like the two TV shows "Fish" and "CHiPs" from the 70's
Jscotty, Mar 28 2009


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