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Wok Luge

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This sport is deceptively simple but special precautions should be carefully adhered to. If you live, or are near a snowy area, with hills that go downwards (never try the upwards ones), simply grease a wok, crouch inside and give a bit of a push.

Time trials will decide the winner, and the loser may have to cook a stir fry for the others depending on culinary ability. Alternatively, a wok can be attached to each foot for slalom events.

benfrost, Oct 29 2004

Ben's Big Blue Wok http://www.jhollenb...en_speed_03_jpg.htm
A Wok on the wild side? [jurist, Oct 31 2004]

Extreme wokboarding http://www.kontraba...eme_wokboarding.mov
Here it is! [Face, Oct 31 2004]

The german wok championships http://tvtotal.pros...specials/wokwm2004/
TV Total Wok WM 2004 [Saruman, Nov 04 2004]


       what a silly idea. Snow just freezes the grease, unless it's machine oil, but who need grease in snow?   

       + for the mental picture.   

       btw, I love my wok
dentworth, Oct 29 2004

       What noise does a woc make?   

       Oom oom.
Taika, Oct 29 2004

       "Feel the cabbage,
Feel the thyme.
Add some rice,
It's Wok Luge time!"

vigilante, Oct 29 2004

       Would it use an expirimental lubricant that your company is working on?
sartep, Oct 29 2004

       How does this differ from the very common snow saucer, except that it's made out of metal? (A very dubious advantage.)
DrCurry, Oct 30 2004

       You cannot stir-fry in a snow saucer after wok luge. You may try, but it shall prove to be inferior.
benfrost, Oct 30 2004

       Given the nearly total lack of control offered by this means of locomotion, I fail to see how there can be a meaningful competition.
5th Earth, Oct 30 2004

       "what a silly idea. Snow just freezes the grease ... " [dentworth]   

       You use wax, not grease. Same stuff you put on your sled runners or skates. I love the idea BTW.
Pernicious Wiles, Oct 30 2004

       i'l meet you at the bottom then. don't forget the sweet and sour sauce.
benfrost, Oct 30 2004

       Strange, I always picture something entirely different when Australian's speak of going on wok-about.
jurist, Oct 31 2004

       Haha, there used to be a video on the internet of people wokboarding. This was an activity comprised of sliding down closed escalators (the kind they have in certain places, particularly Japan, where when they are turned off, the steps rotate to make a completely smooth ramp) on woks. It was very funny. I think it is gone, but I'll look again.   

       EDIT: Found it! see link.
Face, Oct 31 2004

       Baked - see link.
Saruman, Nov 04 2004

       I envision a luging-slaloming-cooking triathalon. I'd watch it.
nick_n_uit, Nov 07 2004


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