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Wet T-Shirt Enhancement

Keeps the water warm, for longer comfortable wearing
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This Idea assumes most guys like the way most gals look when wearing wet T-shirts against the skin.

The problem is that even if warm water is used to wet the T-shirt, the phenomenon of "evaporative cooling" will soon make the T- shirt uncomfortable enough that a gal would prefer to be wearing something else.

Therefore, if guys want to experience the most benefit from gals wearing wet T-shirts, it is necessary for guys to solve that problem!

As a first-approximation solution, consider some clear plastic food wrap, which can reliably stick to itself after wrapping something. Get a wide-enough sheet of this plastic, and a single wrap around a gal, starting and ending at the gal's back, would enclose the wet T-shirt and greatly reduce the amount of evaporative cooling, while not obstructing the view.

As a second approximation, consider a special hat that the gal could wear. It has a fuel supply and a burner and a modest water tank (see link for a rather-more-significant mass that gals have been known to put on their heads). The heated water flows to a mist-sprayer that is aimed at the T-shirt, specifically to keep it both warm and wet.

As a third approximation, consider a portable microwave generator and a battery pack. We still need a water tank and a mist-sprayer, but now the microwaves keep the wet T-shirt warm.

Well, that's enough for this Idea.

Vernon, Aug 23 2015

Weights on gals' heads https://oyinboafric...013/03/carrying.jpg
As mentioned in the main text. [Vernon, Aug 23 2015]

Muslim solution for wet t-shirt contest with viel http://www.patheos....volutionary-modest/
[pashute, Aug 23 2015]

Women's Tees Women_27s_20Tees
For anyone interested, here's something I thought of when NOT thinking about wet T-shirts (and said so) [Vernon, Aug 30 2015]

Gal http://www.gal.org.uk
Very good gals. [xenzag, Aug 31 2015]


       //"evaporative cooling" will soon make the T- shirt uncomfortable enough   

       You have no idea...but kind of handy for very hot places, like Asia in the summer. Northern latitudes, just say no.   

       I'm guessing with a thin weave and enough lycra in the mix, this could be done sans l' eau, so cutting out the one female and any number of males succumbing to the inevitable outbreak of Legionnaires.
not_morrison_rm, Aug 23 2015

       What's a 'gal'?
xenzag, Aug 23 2015

       "Gal" is Texan (as in Texas, USA) for "girl" --usually refers to a girl old enough to be eligible for wet T-shirt contests.
Vernon, Aug 23 2015

       So, is this idea only for Texans?
xenzag, Aug 23 2015

       how is it that this website does not have category::chauvinist
pashute, Aug 23 2015

       [xenzag], I like the term "gal" simply because it is the same length and starts with the same letter as "guy".
Vernon, Aug 24 2015

       What Vernon Said. ( + )( + )
Grogster, Aug 29 2015

       Peanut oil wet t shirt would not evaporate, but might attract flies.   

       Peanut oil and DDT ?
popbottle, Aug 29 2015

       I'm not touching this one. But as to [pashute]'s link, the reason the common clothing style of Muslim women is seen as oppressive is that it's mandated by law in some countries. Dressing like a nun? Not oppressive. Being forced to dress like a nun? Oppressive.
Voice, Aug 29 2015


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