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Wooden Ruler Ensemble

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The sheet music is in inches or centimetres.


skinflaps, Feb 07 2007

(?) Solo performance http://freesound.iu...wSingle.php?id=5590
Not very inspired. [nomocrow, Feb 08 2007]

(?) Daxophone http://www.windworl...pages/daxophone.htm
The ruler evolved [5th Earth, Feb 12 2007]


       As a person who can't hold a ruler for long without "twoinging" it over a table edge, I must applaud this idea [+].
Veho, Feb 07 2007

       You may play the 4 by 4 plywood trumpet.
skinflaps, Feb 07 2007

zen_tom, Feb 07 2007

       hardly original!   

       <plays tissue and comb>   

       gawd, I hate that tingly feeling.
po, Feb 07 2007

       //hardly original!//   

       What shall we play for you?
skinflaps, Feb 07 2007

       Brilliant. First performance should be the Super Mario Theme.
calum, Feb 07 2007

       a repeat of last night's serenade?
po, Feb 07 2007

       A serenade you say?.."a 1 a 2 a 3.."
skinflaps, Feb 07 2007







       Thank you.
Veho, Feb 07 2007

       Out of interest.   

       (How many rulers would you need to replace the instruments that make up a philharmonic orchestra?)
skinflaps, Feb 07 2007

       we shall now hear a fine rendition of Steve Reich's minimalist master-piece "The Clapping Music" played for us tonight using a mixture of metric and imperial measure rulers applied to graffitied school desk tops. This will be followed by the Ball-Point Pen clicking sonata in A flat, accompanied by the Bra-Strap Twangers. +
xenzag, Feb 07 2007

       Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Minuet in 5"# tap-tap-tap {hush}...
Dub, Feb 08 2007

       For sheer instrumenting power, one can scarcely better a carpenter's folding ruler. When strummed it sounds like a soulful tuning fork.
reensure, Feb 11 2007

       Can I play the 'Big Bass Ruler'?
Jinbish, Feb 11 2007

       that'd be a yard stick you have there [Jin']   

       Bagsy a ruler wind section.
skinflaps, Feb 11 2007

       There are a couple of women from the percussion section that I fancy.
It's too bad they're all nuns.

       There's a serious instrument called the Daxophone that operates on the same principles as the old "ruler off a table". It sounds excellent, and I'd love an ensemble of them.
5th Earth, Feb 12 2007

       "In 1971, plastics engineer and pioneering instrument designer Boob Mog introduced the world to the Plastic Ruler, giving rulerists around the world a completely new canvas of sounds to work with." - excerpt from 'Rulers and Desks, a view from the 20th century sproinging scene'
wagster, Feb 12 2007

       //Boob Mog//
Pronounced, of course, "Bowb Moog"
calum, Feb 12 2007

       ...give 'em an inch and let there be music.+
xandram, Feb 12 2007

       Reverberation is what just about what every other talent deaf band thrives on in the first place. No bun for you!
quantum_flux, Feb 14 2007

       ...and then there was Crazy Don, the nutjob artist of the family, who played an electric protractor in a band on Thursday nights. Thursdays, because Star Trek TNG came on on Fridays.   

       It's weird, it's fun, it's sort of mathy. I'll bun it.
elhigh, Feb 22 2007


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