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Wooden stationery packs

Environment friendly packs
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These days you find lot of cartons/ boxes/ packets made out of "recycled paper". But when the "recycled paper" was initially produced, it consumed lot of energy & other raw material.

I was just looking at a conventional pencil. The lead is covered with wood. Looking at it, I just thought whether it is possible to use compressed saw dust or wooden dust boxes instead of paper boxes for packing any stationery material viz pin, pencil, erasor, staples etc.etc. The wooden box will consume much less resources in producing.

vedarshi, Dec 09 2006


       eh? paper IS wood isn't it?
po, Dec 09 2006

       yes wood becomes paper only after consuming power, steam,water & other chemicals
vedarshi, Dec 09 2006

       true ! wooden box is not a new invention. But I want my idea to be considered as new approach. I repeat that it takes resources to convert wood into paper.   

       And you have to breakdown paper box to bring it to some new form for re-use. Is there any need to break wooden box? It can be recycled as it is by replacing label of product contained earlier with that of new product.
vedarshi, Dec 09 2006

       So you wan't a container that uses less resources that contains a high resourse use product? Lets be real for a moment, you still have to use one of our resources to produce this idea, WOOD. (-)
Chefboyrbored, Dec 10 2006

       so you want to store without using any material? Great! Then don't use paper or plastic or wood or metal & think of something else.   

       If you go through initial description, it has been proposed to use saw dust for making box. As for the storage problem for empty box, imagine a central storage facility where boxes of all sizes will be sent from various sources. Product packers will select boxes from there, remove old labels & fix new labels. This will lead to minimum use of natural resources. Isn't it ?
vedarshi, Dec 10 2006

       And where does saw dust come from?
Chefboyrbored, Dec 10 2006

       So why not use it also as stationery pack. What is the harm ?
vedarshi, Dec 10 2006

       A major advantage of cardboard is high strength/weight. Wooden boxes would be heavier and less able to survive denting or crushing without breaking. Still, wood is widely used in shipping heavier things, in the form of crates. Particle board, unlike wood, is probably NOT suitable for packing things at all, since it is very heavy and brittle.   

       I like your thinking about energy use.
jmvw, Dec 10 2006


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