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Windowsill turf

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My lab is on the third floor (also on Level 5, due to an interesting clash when extending the earlier building). The windowsills are flat slate slabs. The view from inside is dull, dull, dullity-dull. Millions of others are doubtless in a similar situation.

Dull windows begone! thanks to MaxCo's new WindoTurf (WindoSod for the US market).

Supplied on a handy roll in 6, 8 and 11- inch widths, it consists of a bonded porous matrix of granulated rubber (from recycled tyres) impregnated with a mixture of fine soil, water-retaining acrylamide granules and grass seed.

Simply cut to length, and lay along the windowsill outside your office. WindoTurf is sufficiently dense to stay put against all but the strongest winds. Add water - or rain - and wait a couple of weeks. Toto mirabilis! A lush green lawn will spring forth, enharmonising your dull office windows.

Either mow using the MaxCo rechargeable office window mower (available with 2 or 3-inch blades for that striped finish), or just leave it to grow until your view is pleasantly obscured by wafting greenery.

MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 17 2008

No mowing required single-serving_20Bonzai_20cows
Tiny cattle grazing on the tiny patches of grass. [Canuck, Apr 18 2008]

(?) http://www.dryscapes.com/succulents.html [hippo, Apr 18 2008]

(?) http://www.bauder.c.../The%20Products.asp [hippo, Apr 18 2008]

(?) why only grass when you can have flowers! (doesn't come with dirt) http://www.parkseed...1&mainPage=seedtape
[xandram, Apr 18 2008]


       Why mow the grass when you could have miniature livestock grazing on it? What could be more bucolic?   

       Of course, they'd be easy prey for cow-hawks and other flying predators so maybe we could build tiny anti-aircraft batteries to protect each herd.   

       Even better, breed tiny mountain goats or sheep. They would be more adept at jumping sill-to-sill to access fresh grazing areas.
Canuck, Apr 18 2008

       I like the way you're thinking, Canuck. However, I fear that you may be drifting to the farther shores of reality. And no, that's not a suggestion for a water feature.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 18 2008

       Wow! - you have a lab? - are you an Evil Genius? The best thing for your windowsill would actually be an assortment of succulent plants, grown on a flexible mat which can be supplied to you as a roll which you then lay out on your windowsill. These plants are much hardier than grass, look good, and don't need mowing. You will need to check the windowsill can take the load of a waterlogged section of this material though. See links for more.
hippo, Apr 18 2008

       I think various edible and aesthetically pleasing flowers would be good, perhaps with shallow roots. Maybe Calendula.
nineteenthly, Apr 18 2008

       But if you've a lab and you're an evil genius, maybe you could arrange for the blast shutters to have sharpened lower edges, thereby fulfilling the trimming function during the weekly blast shutter tests.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Apr 18 2008

       I quite like the simplicity of grass, somehow.   

       Yes, I'm an Evil Genius (at least half-way). Alas, I have no blast shutters; neighbours have expressed concerns over this omission.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 18 2008

       Allergy sufferers might revolt against this, as it would tend to trap molds and such.   

       The sliding window in my bathroom is curiously placed in the shower wall. It therefore has a tendency to start growing its own green turf in the sill corners if not cleaned regularly.
RayfordSteele, Apr 18 2008

       Don't get me started on allergies. In any case, I suspect that a well-tended lawn, if kept from flowering, would not be too allergenic.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 18 2008

       Green paint ? Lime or avocado ?
popbottle, Nov 21 2014


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