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Easy on-off design
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Are heavy work-gloves with a zip down the back of the hand already baked?
rayfo, Oct 21 2000


       Does this work for people who have hair on the back of their hands?
jutta, Oct 21 2000

       They could be sold with a free jar of depilatory gel. Seriously, a Velcro flap could replace the zip.
rayfo, Oct 22 2000

       Velcro doesn't have a lot of strength when pulled sideways, and tends to wear out pretty quickly. <My wrists are so large that I have difficulty finding a normal watchband that will fit, so I use an army 'surplus' Recon watchband, a nylon strap with velcro and a cover over the watch. The watch cover only lasts about a year, the holdon somewhat longer.>   

       Zippers would be a better idea. Some ski gloves use this, kind of; there's a gusset in the back that makes the wrist larger, then once you've got it on, you zip the zip up to gather the extra space and make it fit tighter.
StarChaser, Oct 22 2000

       I once cut the sleeves off of an army surplus rain jacket, and had them sewn onto a pair of army surplus rubber boots, as built in gaiters, and used them for pouring concrete - go to a seamstress, a shoe repair shop, or a maybe a saddlemaker - look in the yellow pages under sewing, maybe...   

       Any of these places should have the equipment to sew thick leather, or canvas, and should have no problem putting a zipper and gusset into a pair of work gloves. I suggest something with some elastic in the wrist. I favor Big Jakes for heavy work, they have a double palm, and thumb, and are sewn with Kevlar, and thus, will probobly last longer :)
Scott_D, Nov 11 2000

       Someone should sell this idea to the golf glove mfrs. Lynx used to make a golf glove with a velcro fastened flap on the back which provided extremely easy access for those with wide hands.
chili2k, Jan 17 2001


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