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Work to Workout Service

Provide a way for people to go workout by doing hard physical labor for a business.
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Provide a way for people to go workout by doing hard physical labor for a business. The employer gets some work done and the person gets paid to workout rather than paying someone else for the priviledge of using specialized gym equipment.

The service would hook up “job” seekers with job providers. People would only work for 1/2 hour to a couple hours every day.

bammin, Jul 07 2009

Halfbakery: make money while you exercise make_20money_20while_20you_20excercise
Specifically, work for a moving company. [jutta, Jul 07 2009]


       Employers could advertise for labor by describing the muscle groups involved in their jobs. And they could show before-and-after pictures that not only portray the -after- people with firmer abs and buttocks, but also with big wads of cash in their hands.
swimswim, Jul 07 2009

       Odd, I've been thinking lately of doing this. I was never in better physical condition than when I was younger and working in a warehouse moving freight around all day.   

       The angles, the twisting, stooping and bending combined with different and random sizes and weights of objects were far more effective for physical conditioning than the gym-bound program I do now. Just this past weekend I got to do some warehouse work and realized just how much difference there really is. [+]
Noexit, Jul 07 2009

       But is Habitat for Humanity in every major and minor city? Am I more or less guaranteed work any day of the week? All industries ebb and flow. To be successful this service would have to encompass more than the construction industry.   

       Obvious jobs/sectors: plant nursery, delivery guy, yard work service, stocker, warehousing, gym cleaner-upper?, farming, ditch digger, and on and on...
bammin, Jul 07 2009

       //big wads of cash in their hands// - big wads of cash in their blistered hands (aha - therein lies the rub!)
kindachewy, Jul 07 2009


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