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Workout Recorder

Automatically log your workout with wireless technology
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A gym where everyone is issued a metal pin (the kind that you stick into the weight stacks on the weightlifting machines). The pins are electronically enhanced so that they identify you, and each machine is designed so that it can tell what weight setting you had the machine at and can count the number of reps. Free wieghts can also be modified to accept the pin as well, at one end, and either the pin or the freeweight can count reps using some kind of motion detection. Treadmills and the like also have a slot for the pin so that your aerobic excercise can be recorded as well. All of this information is stored and you can get reports detailing your workouts over time. Possibly the pin can have some sort of readout so that when a pin is frist inserted it will display the stats (weight and reps) of the last time you were on the machine.
blahginger, Sep 20 2003


       This can also work as a virtual "trainer", increasing the weight/speed/time a little bit each time you work out again, depending on your goal. I know, this is another step towards machines replacing humans and eventually taking over the world (sounds dramatic, but isn't it happening?). Still, I like the idea. It can be motivating.
Pericles, Sep 20 2003


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