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World splitting app

Every time you answer a question, you split the world's territory in half into people that agree people that disagree
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An app that quizzes you on your political beliefs.

An app that shows a map of the region around you with coloured blobs on the map of your people.

You're encouraged to move towards your people.

Eventually if people use the app for long enough, we get neighbourhoods where everyone living in the same area believe the same things politically.

chronological, Jun 17 2020

Schelling's Model of Segregation http://jasss.soc.surrey.ac.uk/15/1/6.html
This assumes a binary population and demonstrates strikingly verifiable results in real-life. I'm not sure how or whether this works on a multi-classification problem. [zen_tom, Jun 18 2020]

US Gerrymandering https://en.wikipedi...n_the_United_States
If you have clear segregation on the ground, you can convert that into direct political advantage. [zen_tom, Jun 18 2020]

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       If you don't believe the same as everyone else, you're encouraged to move to be far away from the beliefs you cannot tolerate with all the other weirdos.   

       This app is sufficiently different than ideological matching because it has a map.
chronological, Jun 17 2020

       Can you elaborate why ideological segregation is a bad idea?   

       I think it would create prosperity. People can be around people who believe the same things. Can be friendly with your neighbours because they got your back.   

       Eventually can vote for laws that affect certain regions. Can get neighbourhoods where different housing association laws. (No loud music after 6pm)
chronological, Jun 17 2020

       Woah, that escalated quickly.   

       let me guess, you're a left wing liberal who thinks they are very smart and right all the time?
chronological, Jun 17 2020

       I ... don't *think* he is. After all, the latest wave of left- liberal thinking is towards "safe spaces", which is a move *towards* ghettoization (and consonant with the present idea), whereas [kdf]'s comment is *against* ghettoization.   

       Not saying whether [kdf] is right or wrong, just that he's not following the current left-liberal script, FWIW.
pertinax, Jun 17 2020

       This is actually what every neuron is doing (fire or not/), just binary. Btw., questions are not always binary, they can be multiple choice, where you have multiple
Mindey, Jun 17 2020

       it could quiz you with multiple choice and create a world split by how many choices there are.   

       The goal is to divide territories up by what people believe is true.   

       left wing neighbourhood right wing neighbourhood.   

       You would quickly find that communist communes are really run down places.
chronological, Jun 17 2020

       Not a new idea, widely known to exist, etc. Etc.   

       "Are you catholic or protestant?"   

       "I'm an atheist"   

       "Yes that's fine but are you a catholic atheist or a protestant atheist?"
pocmloc, Jun 17 2020

       This tends to happen naturally, people in cities get socialised to more communal sets of ideas, while people in more rural areas are more likely to be socialised towards conservative (small c) in terms of their outlook.   

       All you have to do is shut down the internet and most people would be neatly isolated in terms of their world view (much like the status quo as kept by the world up to 20,30 years ago). The dividing lines then might revert to the generational (bohemians vs squares), behavioural (layabouts vs early risers) neurological (introvert vs extrovert) or pseudo-tribal (mods vs rockers, goths vs sporty types) splits that we used to have. I'd quite like to imagine an entire Goth City, where everyone is mandated to wear Doctor Marten boots and studiously listen to Hawkwind, Marillion and The Cure on their personal stereos.   

       On the other hand, the internet is generally doing a good job of tribalising and polarising the world - carving out politically expedient groups where alignment to one idea comes pre-packaged with a stereotypical collection of associated ones - entirely confected by (mostly) American Politics. It's a shame how that outlook is creeping outward and pervading the rest of the world, as it's clearly bollocks.
zen_tom, Jun 17 2020

       What the wise one said above me ^
blissmiss, Jun 17 2020

       Not been feeling very wise recently, but you're too kind and <3 <3's to you [blissy]
zen_tom, Jun 17 2020

       Will the last person to leave the planet please shut off the sun?
Voice, Jun 17 2020

       As with the internet, if you only have people with a narrow view (whatever the subject) grouped together, you get the "echo chamber" effect; things tend to stagnate or go round in circles.
That's one of the up-sides to the halfbakery: we are from all over the place (physically, politically, etc...).
neutrinos_shadow, Jun 18 2020

       The world is too fragmented and not unified enough.   

       This app would change that. You'd finally know where your brethren are and where to move to. What events to follow.
chronological, Jun 18 2020

       Schelling (linked) might suggest that people already self- segregate - adding to that effect, or increasing the specificity of the classification (i.e. from black & white binary classification to a multifaceted one with many different subgroups) might not be a good thing.   

       For one example, with a clearly segregated population, if you have the power to redraw electoral boundaries, you'd be able to win a lot more elections. As already demonstrated by rampant gerrymandering by incumbent administrations in the US based on racial grounds.   

       (Though on reflection - you could equally use the same knowledge to try and redraw the boundaries to redress and aim to make more representative constituencies - so maybe it's not entirely clear-cut)
zen_tom, Jun 18 2020


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