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Worth Rank Economic Alternative

The google rank system misappropriated for economics
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This came to me while I was seeking to come up with an economic system for a near-future science fiction background, where trauma and technology has reset the economy. I think it is orginal but full of flaws, which is good for SF (see Asimov's three laws of robotics). Note that there are far fewer people too.

The idea is that each person and corportation divides the percentage of their economic interest between what they want to support. Therefore a corporation, for example, divides it's interests between employees, suppliers, overheads and raw materials.

On a regular basis all these percentage breakdowns are analysised and each person and corporation has a "Worth Rank" (WR) dependent on how suppported that person is and the WR of each supporter. This is akin to the calculations of Google Rank, which is based on links (or at least's that the short version).

If you sufficiently support a consumer product corporation it supplies you with it's products, offers support and continues development. People with a higher WR need to supply less, to get the same level of service, than someone with a lower WR.

Support to an artist would result in art (with mechanisms on how to order and acquire), support to a news agency would result in news and support to a temple would consist of columns ...

All this information would be public and the services of WR optimisation advisers (offering the equivalent of SEO) would be on offer too.

The idea is such a system elimates the accumilation of money because all you get is support, which can be withdrawn at any time. Obviously money would creep back in, if desireable enough items could be controlled.

A drawback would be that people would constantly seek to curry support from others but there would also be an economic incentive to produce popular things and services that people actually want.

A parallel political system would have to exist in order to answer "Who Watches the Watchmen" (and fill the "Google" role in SEO management), however the hope would be that such a system keeps people too busy to voice too much dissent.

Aristotle, Oct 18 2009

SEO? http://en.wikipedia...engine_optimization
With information on Google ranks not being too far away. [Aristotle, Oct 18 2009]

You Buy It You Own It You_20Eat_20It_2c_20You_20Own_20It
[theircompetitor, Oct 18 2009]

Your Network Worth Your_20Network_20Worth
[theircompetitor, Oct 18 2009]


       The temporal problems are considerable because someone might get most support while they are busy working and thus their wealth rank increases when they can't use it. Unless this is what trusted, supported third parties do.   

       Value chains would certainly have problems and this would knock out shops unless people actually want to browse consumer items, which could in turn offer networking opportunities through which to seek support.
Aristotle, Oct 18 2009

       This would be an inverse of "You Buy It You Own It" in the form of "You Own It You Get It" plus the aspect of support networks that self-determine immediate wealth, [theircompetitor].
Aristotle, Oct 18 2009

       Speaking of network wealth... :)
theircompetitor, Oct 18 2009

       people are taking this Google earth thing way to literally.
WcW, Oct 18 2009

       so substituting "percentage of your own worth" for "x dollars" ? So when your personal Dow dips, the dairy only sends you 0.85 L of milk ?
FlyingToaster, Oct 18 2009

       This system would be biased against obscure but necessary career specialties, as are most flat-democracy run economies.
RayfordSteele, Oct 19 2009


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