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Wrambo Writer

Cheesy writer cartoon character
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"It's WRAMBO WRITER, sporting a bandolier of sharpened pencils to drive through the hearts of unsuspecting comma splices! Laughing manicly, Wrambo Writer guns down cliches with ruthless efficiency, and a large supply of white-out bullets! Yes, WRAMBO WRITER IS HERE to save the day again!"

Obviously a knockoff of Rambo, this character could be used to humorous effect by: a word processing program; a story-writing program; a writer's website, a writing webzine, a writer magizine, etc. I'd like to see a little humour in the editing.

Eugene, Oct 30 2002

El Pedanto http://www.halfbake...m/idea/El_20Pedanto
[phoenix, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       Already HalfBaked (as near as I can tell) in the form of El Pedanto. (link)   

       Thanks for getting the right category (as near as I can tell) though.
phoenix, Oct 30 2002

       Tragic. I thought it was completely original. But that IS a different name and a specific use for it, so....
Eugene, Oct 30 2002

       I like it. +
bristolz, Oct 31 2002

General Washington, Oct 31 2002

       Ironically, I used to think our own "Lewisgirl" was one of the best "Wrambo Writers" to be found. And though she could make a stone cackle, there was never anything remotely cheesy about her wit or style. I'm told she still looks pretty good in a bandolier, though she has forsaken automatic weaponry.
jurist, Oct 31 2002

       ok break it up fellas, these are 2 different words/meanings here. Demonic and demoniac also. And sarcastic / sarcastiac.
General Washington, Oct 31 2002

       "sarcastiac" what is that? The latest edition of the OED doesn't list it.   

       It does, however, list "manically" as "As if affected with mania; maniacally."
bristolz, Oct 31 2002

       Sarcastiac: like an amnesiac.   

       manically: as if affected with mania
maniacally: as if a maniac
I think there's clear water between these two.
General Washington, Oct 31 2002


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