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Development of mechanised writing
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OK, so with your right hand you hold a pen static, touching the paper, and with your left hand you press the key on the keypad corresponding to the character you wish to write.

A strange series of cams and linkages converts the key press into movement of the paper around and up and down, so that the paper moving beneath your pen writes the letter.

Lifting the pen from the paper engages a pinion to draw the paper one character-width to the left, ready for the next keypress.

The user can wiggle the pen artistically to give the letters a personalised touch.

The deluxe version has a mechanical buffer which can store a series of 100 keypresses, and then write the entire sentence by lifting and lowering the pen.

pocmloc, Dec 09 2009

Write Writer Write_20Writer
Inspiration [pocmloc, Dec 09 2009]


rcarty, Dec 09 2009

       Why thankyou sir/ma'm
pocmloc, Dec 09 2009

       Truly half-baked.. awesome.   

       Can we involve some kind of armature and suspended whole-body-clamp... ? (please)
tactik, Dec 10 2009

       Politicans have been know to use pen systems like this (albeit without a human holding the pen) to mass produce fake hand-written letters.
Aristotle, Dec 10 2009

       Thanks ['Arry}, but the human holding the pen is an indispensable part of this idea. There's nothing fake about this!
pocmloc, Dec 10 2009

       What if there exists something which is more like the writerer than something else. Might one describe it as writererer?
bungston, Dec 10 2009

       To err is human .....
8th of 7, Dec 10 2009


       To err err does not make a write.
rcarty, Dec 10 2009


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