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X-treme Hunkering

Lift your hunkering to the next level.
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Having just become a hunkerer it occurs to me we could ramp up the volume a little and make it an actual competitive, judged, and professional sport.

How you ask, huh you say???

I propose you get a sponsor, (hence the category), and devise, develop, design, the most obtuse, yet outstanding thing-a-ma- jig, that you can with the product that your sponsor manufactures.

Facebook will provide the platform, and the public will be the judges. The prize will be a year's supply of whatever the sponsor sells. (If it will fit next to your mountain of hoarded toilet paper and crap).

blissmiss, Mar 19 2020

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       Sounds fun ... [+]   

       In the UK, at the time of writing, based on the current WHO figures and the 2017-18 statistics from the ONS, if you aren't high-risk you are 3.75 times more likely to die in a fatal car accident than from COVID ...
8th of 7, Mar 19 2020

       //3.75 times more likely to die in a fatal car accident//   

       Not right now, there's practically no cars on the road.
bs0u0155, Mar 19 2020

       //3.75 times more likely to die in a fatal car accident//   

       Not right now, there's practically no cars on the road.
bs0u0155, Mar 19 2020

       Walking outside (with 6ft distance) I believe is still recommended. Maybe one of these days I'll go for a walk to the local grocer for health/resupply but also to people-watch on the way.
sninctown, Mar 19 2020

       // you're being so negative lately. //   

       To quote our annotation on another idea, // since [MB]'s departure, our display options are all set to "Extra Dark" //   

       // go out for a nice drive? //   

       Actually, it's the perfect time for a motorbike, and by coincidence the weather has improved too.   

       // people-watch on the way //   

       Wear an action cam, and cough a lot. Watch their reactions. Hilarity ensues.
8th of 7, Mar 19 2020

       // You must have SOME usable parts //   

       Some? We have a substantial stock; we sell the surplus ones at competitive prices. Would you like a price list ? We are thinking of starting a scheme like Amazon Prime, for regular customers ...   

       // I jest, of course //   

       Please don't say that, it's mildly insulting, and after all we do have a reputation to maintain.
8th of 7, Mar 19 2020

       This could be "hunkering up".
tatterdemalion, Mar 20 2020

       Or "The Hunker Games".   

       Love that..."The Hunker Games", staring 2fries hunkering at his freaky, spooky, axe murderer filled, Canadian hotel. Yes.
blissmiss, Mar 20 2020

       <Mental image of [2fries] in an empty lobby, typing "All Work And No Play Makes Jack A Dull Boy"/>   

       Truly, a Shining example to everyone....
8th of 7, Mar 20 2020

       All of life is work.   

       Only you guys and my family know my play...
...and they aren't interested. At least you guys fake it, I mean I love them dearly... but basically they just do their best to keep me humble with their eye-rolls when I tell them about my ideas and make throat-crossing gestures behind my back when I start going off on invention tangents with strangers.

       Seriously, they think I don't notice but I can see their reflections in the corners of my glasses.   

       Newton developed Calculus hunkered against the Great Plague. He was a lifelong hunkerer, rather than, say, a hunk, although he was apparently "dating" a girl at the time.
4and20, Mar 20 2020

       // <Mental image of [2fries] in an empty lobby, typing "All Work And No Play Makes Jack A Dull Boy"/> //   

       But what's he staring at?   

       // [Newton] was apparently "dating" a girl at the time. //   

       I had heard he was simultaneously gay, asexual, in a relationship with a man, and a lifelong virgin, but I think that's the first I've heard of him being interested in a woman. Unless you meant to type "eating"…
notexactly, Mar 20 2020

       There is a recent novel written about Newton's university era girlfriend. The article I read had a title something like "Newton was not gay"
4and20, Mar 20 2020

       He was almost certainly Aspergers, or some autistic spectrum condition. All his known behaviour traits fit the DSMR criteria.   

       // what's he staring at? //   

       He's not staring "at" anything; it's the Thousand Yard Stare while he listens to the Voices In His Head.
8th of 7, Mar 20 2020

       // what's he staring at? //   

       Somebody else's tiling mistakes, that have to be fixed, which induce Halfbakery ideas.
wjt, Mar 22 2020


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