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XXX Gallery

Alluring Models Hold The Paintings
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To attract visitors to an art gallery, the paintings are not hung on the walls, but are held by scantily clad or even nude models.

The paintings can be positioned and sized to obscure particular parts of the models' anatomy, or not, depending on the gallery owners preferences.

Recommended for collections dull but morally improving paintings, which would otherwise struggle to draw a viable audience.

pocmloc, Dec 27 2011

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       Look at the Titians on that!
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 27 2011

       I read no mention of human... merely alluring models. They might work for peanuts.   

       How were the paintings? What paintings?
doctorremulac3, Dec 28 2011

       Please do not grope the paintings or anything else in the gallery.
swimswim, Dec 28 2011

       This Idea's title is simply wrong. Mere nudity (even gratuituous nudity) merely rates an "R".
Vernon, Dec 28 2011

       I think the gallery can get the XXX rating at the very minimum by "spreading".
rcarty, Dec 28 2011

       A hardercore version would have gloryholes cut into the canvasses such that wangs can dangle, interacting with both art and viewer in new and potentially dynamic ways, a high culture, low morals version of seaside entertainments of yore.
calum, Dec 28 2011

       Pretty much the same actually just instead of seeing seamen on docks...
rcarty, Dec 28 2011

       Or in camels.
infidel, Dec 31 2011

       It's a good idea. Combining all these annos, one could have pictures held up by intricate model planes, cars, and other art works, so you can admire two works of art!
xandram, Dec 31 2011

       Very few cars are works of art, sadly. Most of those that are deemed "works of art" are noisy, smelly, cantankerous old buckets of bolts, held together with the determination of bumbling farts in tweed jackets and the liberal application of spit and polish.
infidel, Dec 31 2011


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