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Brain Radios
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Okay.. Who here hasn't ever been walking somewhere, and danm! YOu want music! BUt Walmans and discmans are either too annoying to carry around, nevermind the batteries, and if youre like me, maybe you'll be able to afford a mini disk player in another 10 years.

I'd like to be able to have my own self controlled radio and cd collection right in me head, to use as I please, thank you very much!


Xyleigh, Apr 28 2000


       I imagine that would be *much* cheaper than a minidisc player.
egnor, Apr 28 2000

       I get songs stuck in my head as it is...seems they're always either songs I hate, or one line of a song that I like. Being able to change them would be nice...
StarChaser, Apr 28 2000

       Oooh, I HATE having that one-line stuck inside my head. You sing it to yourself over and over and over...   

       Have you ever had a song running through your head and then you turn on the radio and Voila! It's THAT song! I read somewhere that your sub-conscious (sp?) mind had picked up a faint whisper of the song playing on a near-by radio and that's why you were brain-singing along.
eagle, Apr 28 2000

       Anything to drown out the voices.
Eeyore, May 01 2000

       You hear them too?
koz, May 01 2000

       Aaargh! Please turn 'em voices OFF! "do-be-de-dooo-da..."
jetckalz, Sep 25 2000

       I'm sorry I couldn't respond sooner as I was doing postproduction in my head. Wait, wait, Would someone pleeease tell them to keep it down in studio 4? Thank Youuu! Now, as I was, ah Jeez hold on...
thumbwax, Sep 25 2000

       That's an idea. The nearest things to this at the moment are probably drugs which provoke auditory hallucinations. With luck or practice you may be able to induce the voices transmitting to you to do so in song, set to some of your favourite tunes.   

       Or you may get lucky and happen to find yourself psychotic without the drugs. There was a case I heard about some time ago of a British schizophrenic who heard the voice of a well-known BBC announcer in his head; you might get lucky and find yourself hearing one of your favourite rawk DJs instead.
Monkfish, Nov 21 2000


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