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Ye Olde Galápaghost Island

build a fake Galápagos Island for rich and stupid tourists
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The once pristine and totally unique Galápagos Islands have been opened up to receive tourist ships.

This has resulted in a rat taking up residence, along with a trail of garbage left behind by the merry, fun seeking horde who then waddled off to the horizon. One visitor (American of course) was heard to ask for directions to the nearest Starbucks.

One of these visits is now scheduled per month. At this rate it won't be long before the Galápagos Islands become the Galápagoners.

I have a solution to this situation that keeps everyone happy: I propose building a fake Galápagos, to be known as the Ye Olde Galápaghost Island. It is to this new, fun loving island that the future tourist ships will be diverted.

Instead of being occupied by scaly iguanas and all the other unique species, cute animated versions will pop up at random from the numerous holes drilled in the fibreglass faux rock island. Visitors will be able to enjoy a frothy coffee at the Starfishbucks Café as fake flamingos flap their wings, revealing advertisements for souvenir T-shirts featuring appropriate holiday slogans such as "I Shared A Hot-tub With A Dolphin".

(this idea first appeared in 2007 but was one that got lost in the bakery crash)

xenzag, Oct 03 2020


       [+] The more reservoirs the better.
wjt, Oct 06 2020


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