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Ye old HB

Halfbakery in the 1900's - by invitation only
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Held annually in London in a cobble-stoned square surrounded by Victorian mews.

As you walk in, the first thing you notice is the wretched smell of rotten fish mixed with freshly baked pastries. You make your way to the small podium laid in the centre of the square surrounded by dozens of people stood quietly, holding baskets and dressed appropriately for the time period. You close you eyes briefly and make a silent prayer, for it is your turn to take the stand

You begin by announcing the name of your idea, followed by a summary, and then proceed to give a detailed description.

As you arrive to the main-body of your description you begin to hear the quiet rumbling from the crowd as they reach into their baskets for one of the 2 objects each contains.

And so the judgment begins...

shinobi, Dec 26 2006

18th Century Halfbakery 18th_20Century_20halfbakery
[hippo, Dec 27 2006]

þe old halfbakery http://www.halfbake...=1900s_20halfbakery
Halfbakery in the 1900's [spidermother, Jun 08 2011]


       Genius, i love it... might also have to replace a few smelly fish with rocks, just for fun.
Dmedia, Dec 27 2006

       hahah.....Lt, too fuuny.
shinobi, Dec 27 2006

       + (checks mail for invitation)
xandram, Dec 27 2006

       21Q....I'm genuinely flattered
shinobi, Dec 27 2006

       21Q... Nice to see that you do have a positive side to your personality. Well done. Have a (*)
Dmedia, Dec 27 2006

       Dmedia. whats a (*)? Looks like a butthole. oh...its a star.
shinobi, Dec 28 2006

       how would you anno?
jenifemeral, Dec 30 2006

imaginality, Dec 30 2006

       Nah, a chalk board.
DrCurry, Dec 30 2006

       Annotation could be managed by the right honourable chairperson, who gives each member a turn to stand and speak on the idea.   

       "Order! Order! The chair recognises the right honourable Una Bubba Esq."   

       Fishbones and croissants would have to be on strings, so voters could reel them back in and cast anew as the discussion proceeds.
BunsenHoneydew, Dec 30 2006

       I sort of like the idea of the fishbone / croissant pileup if voters were not recycling them. Would make the climb to the podium a bit treacherous though. Maybe custodial duty could be arranged.
jenifemeral, Dec 30 2006

       Custardial duties? Croissants and Fishbones on the end of fishing-rods please.
zen_tom, Dec 30 2006

       sp: olde
Voice, Jun 08 2011

blissmiss, Jun 08 2011

       hmmm. steampunkish. How about a spinning governor (visually impressive) with a steam line to fill the globes at the far parts of the governor with condensed water to finely adjust the spinning (valve) effect? I have not heard of s spinning governor with weights adjustable at the spin before.
beanangel, Jan 07 2018

       To go a bit further back, we could reconstruct Raphael's "School of Athens".
pertinax, Jan 08 2018

       You really should post that as a separate idea.   

       A vast depiction of stylized halfbakers, holding models or standing by depictions of their most cherished ideas, with a background of other notable HB ideas ... Raphael meets Breughel meets Hieronymus Bosch, with a leavening of Salvador Dali.   

       L. da Vinci could be in the picture as an honorary Baker; and Noah, of course - probably the first HalfBaker. A huge ship made from Gophers ? Mad as a spoon ....   

       Go on, [pert], you've got the basics. Take it and run with it. Run. Run now. Run far, run fast, and DON'T LOOK BACK ...
8th of 7, Jan 08 2018


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