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Totally Unintelligible

An idea that no one truly understands
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I just finished reading three websites that sell something one is a technical tool for air conditioning, the other some type of business that wants you to join them and somehow make money, and the rest were showing software tools for developers.

Following that experience, I hit on a great idea:

Using big words and scientific nomenclature including mathematical formula and references to engineering magazines, the TUI (Totally Unintelligable Idea) cannot get boned, because no one can say they don't like it, and no one can disprove it, since they don't really have the vaguest idea what that HB entry is all about.

Thus the HBer who posts this entry is insured from bones, and is promised only pastry. This is good for someone who is alergic to fish, or was on a crash diet for some time now.

A link to the fishbone magnet idea can also help keeping aggressive critics, who may bone the idea although they do not grasp its greatness, at bay.

pashute, Jul 24 2011

Fishbone Magnet [pashute, Jul 24 2011]

EZBakery post your TUI here [xaviergisz, Jul 24 2011]

The online economy BS generator http://www.dack.com/web/bullshit.html
[pashute, Jul 27 2011]

Baked http://upload.wikim...ncabulator_pg_2.jpg
[pashute, Jul 28 2011]

Baked to a crisp http://www.halfbakery.com/user/beanangel
[theleopard, Jul 28 2011]


       [Vernon] has baked this many, many years ago ...
8th of 7, Jul 24 2011

       You feel that unintelligibility isn't legitimate grounds for a negative vote?
mouseposture, Jul 24 2011


       If you want to persue this, I have the facility to further your endeavour:   

       By combining the latest features of pro-reactive science, developed in the cosmetics industry with fund-accumultive business practices originating from the futures retailing sector, I can promise growth in excess of market share proportion for a very reasonable initial outlay.   

       Please send your bank details and we can get the process started.   

Twizz, Jul 25 2011

       I'm sure this idea can get boned. It's unintelligability has been exposed in the title. This idea is about other ideas, that should not bee to long (on the Vernonibility scale) and seem intelligable. So you read the idea, and are never sure you got it, thus leaving it alone.   

       Anyway xavier's EZBakery link is the real solution to my problem. Where's the baked version?
pashute, Jul 27 2011

       I would bone an idea for being written in a manner which did not alow it to be understood by most HB-ers, whether deliberately or through incompetence.   

       One might also bone thias idea if one thought the concept of deliberately unintelligible ideas was a bad one.
Twizz, Jul 27 2011

       Your right. I boned it too.
pashute, Jul 28 2011

       I'm currently working on one of these. It comes quite naturally.
nineteenthly, Jul 28 2011


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