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Yo-Yoing Yourself

Giant, visible yo-yo elevator (lift)
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An appealing and practical elevator could be made with the elevator car hanging under a large yo-yo. The spool would be set spinning when descending the cable, and like a flywheel its momentum would be utilized for lifting the car.

Necessary to the design would be a clutch on the axel to allow the yo-yo to free wheel when stopped at a floor. Also an assist motor (as with conventional elevators) would be needed to make up energy losses.

The yo-yo elevator would have a special requirement that it must go to the bottom floor when changing from down to up, to keep the spool spinning in the same direction. When going down after up, it would travel to the top floor where the spool would stop to start spinning in the opposite direction.

FarmerJohn, Oct 02 2002

V. (1963) by Thomas Pynchon http://www.hyperart...on/v/alpha/x-z.html
References in this novel about life as a yo-yo. [General Washington, Oct 02 2002, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       Would'nt like to be there if the clutch went i'd be going up and down all day.
skinflaps, Oct 02 2002

       Farmer John,<laughing and then some> Could I please give my croissant to UB?
Don't get me wrong, you're good. The perfect pantry kind of idea...but UB's seasoning makes the recipe.<still laughing> Just what UrB is this?
hollajam, Oct 02 2002

       Sure, he's one witty wise guy.
FarmerJohn, Oct 02 2002

       No you see hollajam, it's only an *allegory* for life as a yo-yo.
General Washington, Oct 02 2002

       That was good too General Sir. I'll take up arms in your army anytime!   

       What really gets me going is the visual of this massive flywheel in motion, humans inside indifferent, up...






       But that's not enough to start the funny bone. /To begin understanding the mass and force at work/ Imagine the wheel from a 2 ton utility vehicle, tire removed. I'm not sure of the perfect gauge, we'd have to experiment, but add (X) guage steel cable and wrap!

       Slap *that on the back of your cat!   

       Oh. poor baby. XXX Bad Joke!
hollajam, Oct 02 2002

       I'm picturing the drive system as a giant hand on the roof.
st3f, Oct 02 2002

       //giant hand on the roof//   

       "Oh, Mighty Otis!"
hollajam, Oct 02 2002


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