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maybe this should be in a Business category...?
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I Googled, but not very much, so if this exists, post a link and I'll delete, ok?

Basically, this is an elevator in a busy place, like a shopping mall or apartment building, that you have to pay to ride. Enforced by a Dalek. Should you choose not to pay, there's a stairwell to the right of it. Should you choose not to pay and be handicapped, there's a spiral ramp to the left. Don't worry, the ramp's rails have small wheelchair hookups where you can pause to catch your breath without sliding or rolling back down. At 21st Century Quest Engineering, we're firm believers in equality for everyone.

21 Quest, Oct 03 2009

Coin-Operated Elevator in Georgia http://englishrussia.com/?p=5132
[jutta, Oct 03 2009]


       ... quarters?
WcW, Oct 03 2009

       daleks aren't real you know - they're fictional.
po, Oct 03 2009

       Well yes, of course I realize that. These would be functional robotic replicas.
21 Quest, Oct 03 2009

       No, no, no. You can either have a Dalek replica, or a functional robot. There's very little overlap between those concepts.
jutta, Oct 03 2009

       you could have a man wearing a dalek costume and speaking in a funny voice...
po, Oct 03 2009

       Too bad Andy Kaufman's dead, he'd be perfect.
jutta, Oct 03 2009

       Honestly, do you people never play 'race the lift'? It's great fun, easy to win, and very healthy.
pocmloc, Oct 03 2009

       // very healthy //

       Unless you elect to race the lift by base jumping, and your chute fails to deploy ....
8th of 7, Oct 03 2009

       ... in which case, you'd go out a winner! Always good to leave on a good note. You know, in case you come back...
21 Quest, Oct 03 2009

       // I Googled, but not very much, so if this exists, post a link and I'll delete, ok? //

       You think there's a possibility that an elevator operated by Daleks exists?
tatterdemalion, Oct 03 2009

       everything is possible in this universe and the next and the next and the nex...
po, Oct 03 2009

       seems like every damn episode with Daleks had an elevator operated by Daleks. As for the "make people in wheelchairs climb the stairs" bit, friend, I consider it a bit rich. Clearly a person in a wheelchair is not equally able to climb stairs (or ramps) especially if they are not otherwise quite healthy. So this is widely know to exist (the Dalek elevator part) or widely know to exist (ramps for wheelchairs) or already baked in the form of coin opp elevators. Good attempt to pander to the Brits however.
WcW, Oct 03 2009


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