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Yogurt-in-the-Middle Fruit

Yogurt is the accent, not the focus.
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Okay, how many of us actually buy a container of Dannon(tm) brand Fruit-All-The-Way-To-The-Freakin'-Top yogurt, rabidly tearing off the foil cover in our eagerness to get to at all that tasty, lip-smackin' yogurt inside?

Yeah. Not many. If yogurt's the part we crave (which I personally do, quite often), there are much cheaper and less diluted alternatives-- big tubs of mouth-watering vanilla or (shudder) "plain" yogurt without any added extras.

No-- when fruit-n-yogurt cups are consumed, I suspect the majority of buyers are looking for a sweet treat, not something massively healthy or particularly filling. I doubt the yogurt itself is a dominating factor in any of their considerations; they're looking for sugar, and lots of it.

Therefore, I suggest producing (no genetic modifications here, please) regular-sized fruit units with their insides scooped out and filled with tasty yogurt. Imagine biting into the firm flesh of a peach-- but, instead of finding the icky-poo, black, wrinkly pit inside, we discover a delightful dollop of smooth, creamy yogurt! The perfect tangy complement to the light sweetness of the fruit. Tasty, satisfying, and with the added benefit of being subjected to substantially less processing.

Yes, I realize that yogurt *coated* fruit is quite baked, but the translucent glaze on those dried, candy-like numbers is often either gummy or crackly-- nowhere near the seraphic creaminess a Yogurt-in-the-Middle Peach would hold inside.

In addition to peach, the product might also come in apple, plum, and apricot varieties. Or prune, for the adventurous.

Available soon, in your grocer's freezer [or dairy case, or produce section, whichever is most feasible]?

jester, Apr 02 2002

(?) Yogurt Manufacturers Directory http://food-beverag...products/yogurt.htm
Find Yogurt manufacturers,exporters and wholesale suppliers business listings, Milk Yogurt buyers and sellers business trade leads from across the Globe [Exportersindia, Jun 17 2015]

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       A bunch of bite-sized filled grapes sounds pretty good. (How come no one makes grape yogurt anyway?)
spartanica, Apr 02 2002

       I wish I liked yogurt. I feel like I am missing out on something but every time I try it, I realize I'm not.
bristolz, Apr 02 2002

       I wouldn't qualify in your description of the majority of buyers, then. I love yogurt, and always buy the fat free, artificially sweetened stuff.   

       (Yoplait is king. Dannon tastes like it has sand in it.)
waugsqueke, Apr 02 2002

       It'd make life interesting at Gallagher shows.   

       Make mine watermelon and/or banana.
phoenix, Apr 02 2002

       You can make something like this yourself with larger fruit. Cut a peach in half and use it as a cup.
bookworm, Apr 02 2002

       What about fruits like pomegranites? That could be .. complicated Or... bananas.. Imagine pubescent boys at lunch, getting ahold of a .. yogurt-filled bananna... I smell impending lawsuits.
aeoschao, May 06 2003

       gimme a yoghurt filled banana anyday! and 2 peaches to go with it. oh yeah i just thought about it.HOW?. i mean i would LOVE to try it but how could you get the insides out, the yoghurt in and then make sure it didn't come back out?
monkeygirl484848, Aug 30 2004


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