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You Have Been Chopping Chillies!

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Whilst cooking dinner this evening, I chopped and diced several hot chilli peppers for my curry. As the rice cooked and the tofu fried, I slipped away to the toilet and returned to my curry. It was then that I realised an uncomfortable burning sensation on my willy. Chilli willy I guess it could be described as - and may be very well known amongst chilli eating societies - so much so that the effigies of teary eyed deities may be constructed within holy vestibules.

But I digress - I had inadvertently passed on chilli to my member - and from experience I do remember doing the same thing in the past but passing it onto my eyes or nose during an absent minded after dinner scratch or poke as the case may be.

At the point of purchase when you put your chillies into a plastic bag - hanging from a hook nearby is number of red armbands that display the words 'You Have Been Chopping [insert brand name here] Chillies'. Take one and wrap it around your bag of chillies, and when you begin chopping them at home, pop it around your wrist to remind you of what is occurring.

This would make great advertising for chilli producers and a helpful prevention to the described affliction.

benfrost, Nov 02 2004

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       Better to supply gloves for chilli-chopping - you get the same advertising advantage but none of the 'contamination'.
dobtabulous, Nov 02 2004

       Ben, Ben, I'm surprised at you. I thought a "You Have Been Chopping Chillies' willy guard would be more up your street.
egbert, Nov 02 2004

       Chilies? Chili peppers are hot enough to burn? I use habanero for my chile. It takes only a few flakes to make a big pot of 5 alarm stuff. When handling the habaneros, you don't have to remind yourself to use protection.
bobad, Nov 02 2004

       Ah, great minds think (and do things without thinking) alike. Several years ago I formulated DrBob's first (and so far only) rule of cookery...

Don't play with your willy
When you've been chopping chilli

I feel your pain Ben. Have a pastry.
DrBob, Nov 03 2004

       This must be why I can't find chilli flavoured condoms anywhere.
etherman, Nov 03 2004

       A word to the wise: never, under any circumstances, ever adjust your contact lenses after chopping chili peppers.
st3f, Nov 03 2004

       //never, under any circumstances, ever adjust your contact lenses after chopping chili peppers.//
The same goes for garlic.

I'm not sure about my willie, but I'll stick to the rule anyway.
(Don't go take a leak, when you've been chopping garlieak)
brodie, Nov 03 2004

       ...and on the inside.   

       If you want to neutralize the capsaicin on your hands, dip your hands in one part ammonia to 5 parts water, then rinse your hands with water. +
sartep, Nov 03 2004

       //'You Have Been Chopping [insert brand name here] Chillies'// God's Own??   

       Feel your pain, Ben. I was nicknamed 'HotRod' in a band after a similar experience. The fact that I washed my hands twice did not help. Good Tip [sartep], I understand that capsaicin is fat soluble not water soluble which is why milk helps but not water.
gnomethang, Nov 03 2004

       this could become the findout factor in leprosy, as leppers lose the signals in their nerve endings, they wouldnt feel it, if they were faking however, they get a bad case of chilli-willy
Stork, Dec 14 2006


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