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You have a problem!

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I'm envisioning a web or phone application to help clue in someone that they've got an issue. If your significant other (or whomever) is being too passive, too upset, too drunk, etc... well this is for you. Once you register this person, you can record an entry every time you notice them repeating that undesirable action. The service will start sending out a daily/weekly/monthly compendium of all recorded occasions. Come to think of it...this could also be titled 'Nag-o-matic'.

However, the purpose of this site is not to just nag, it's to influence the target to change their ways. This is accomplished by giving the victim a way to register with the site. The registration is a way of saying 'Yes, I have a problem'. (I see no possibility for abuse). Once registered, the client can begin tracking the times that they notice themselves committing that action. Each time they record an action, they get an attaboy. Additional milestones are also rewarded: The number of recorded occurrences by the submitter matches the number of occurrences by the target, the number of recorded occurrences recorded by both submitter and victim has been reduced by x%, 0 occurrences noted by both.

Additional options for this business are to charge the victim to turn off the notifications or even to start making false records showing improvement...for a fee of course.

toodles, Sep 17 2010

Almost pissed myself laughing the first time I saw this. http://www.youtube....watch?v=KZag1zlecGI
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Sep 18 2010]


       //Once registered, the client can begin tracking the times that they notice themselves committing that action.//   

       You mean the client can begin tracking the times YOU have noticed and recorded the action.   

       //Each time they record an action, they get an attaboy.//   

       How about just putting a spiked collar on the 'target'? When he/she offends, give it a yank. When he/she is a good dog, don't; give 'em an attaboy, maybe a doggy biscuit.   

Boomershine, Sep 18 2010

       Damn toodles. If this got big, I envision a facebook like site where you send and receive the tallies of all the people you interact with on a daily basis. The things you do that they do and don't like. What makes this different is the need for phone technology, preferably smart, and the openness to vote on an individual's personality and also the freedom to chose the parameters, which facebook has never enforced except through some simple side games and the 'like' and 'comments' sections. That being said, did any third parties get financial credit for Farmtown? It would be a nastier version of facebook. With 'judgements' instead of simple 'comments'. Just what we need.   

       Title absolutely sucks though. <generates a 'makes shitty titles' tab for toodles, sends a ping>   

       I should have the ability to delete judgement tabs, good or bad. However, clout will be gained with additional tabs so, it would be a tossup... Delete the really bad ones.
daseva, Sep 18 2010

       There's always the Clavin route. [link]   

       Since you entered no summary, may I suggest one?   

       "But, It Ain't What You Think It Is."
Boomershine, Sep 18 2010

       You could also change the title to "I Have A Problem."
Boomershine, Sep 18 2010

       "He's going to tell them... about the fishbone"
RayfordSteele, Sep 19 2010

       I have to admit, it sounded better before I wrote it down...when it was an opt-in concept and more of a self-help type tool. As I started writing, the more sinister nature of the tool came out.
toodles, Sep 20 2010

       Everyone can use a little boning sometime.
Boomershine, Sep 20 2010

       There's a precedent here where you can enter someone's numberplate and complain about their driving.   

       Should someone with that numberplate stumble across the site, they can check whether any complaints have been lodged against their plate. Can't remember the address of the site right now...
zen_tom, Sep 20 2010

       Seems like that driving-complaint site works the same as [toodles]'s site. It's for the complainer.   

       Why would someone check to see if people are complaining about their driving? (which might have been your point, [zt]?)
Boomershine, Sep 20 2010


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