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You, In Someone Else's Sitcom

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Pick your favorite TV show's episode or movie character, whose quotables you repeat endlessly for your own and others entertainment.

This service will let you insert your head shot and your voiceover onto the media.

theircompetitor, Mar 06 2005

MovieClips.com MovieClips_2eCOM
[theircompetitor, Mar 06 2005]

Two Boot's Den of Cin http://enjoyment.in...ry.jsp?story=617481
Similar to this idea, but with alcohol. [friendlyfire, Mar 07 2005]

Karaoke Movie Karaoke_20Movie
by centauri [calum, Mar 07 2005]

YooStar game described as Movie Karaoke http://www.yoostar....5D1DE3CC7CF050B803B
[theircompetitor, Jun 17 2010]


       very nice, just warn me when the Monty Python imitators will be on and I'll be sure to leave.
dentworth, Mar 06 2005

       Ok, it's time to play Guess That Movie Quote.   

       "We could kill her dog, does she have a dog?" "We could get her a dog, we could kill it."   

       Much easier if you use the linked website, 2fries.   

       Actually, IMDB has a great quote database
theircompetitor, Mar 06 2005

       I have found my elder brothers dream.   

       He's always saying stuff from Little Britain, and although it's pretty funny, he got sent to detention last week for saying 'yah, I know, that 'un...' during maths, coz he was taking the piss out of the maths teacher, who didn't get it until someone told her the joke in the staff room.
froglet, Mar 06 2005

       dent, oh please, Monty Python was not a sitcom!
po, Mar 06 2005

       "Pick your favorite tv show's episode or movie character" leaves it pretty wide open. I love MP, just tired of hearing it repeated at parties.
dentworth, Mar 06 2005

       What if you feel like you're already in someone else's sitcom?
BunsenHoneydew, Aug 11 2005

       you try to laugh with the laughlines
theircompetitor, Aug 11 2005


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