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Your Own After-School Special

Girl (or guy), interpreted.
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For a nominal fee, director, writer and actors live with your family for a couple weeks, following you to work, to school, to everywhere, learning your mannerisms, personality, and motivation(s). Subsequently a 3 act script is written with the latest relative drama in your family's life, (e.g. teenagers love-life, unspoken resentment for dishes let undone, parents dreams' acquiescence for financial reality ) into a coherent movie drama featuring actors playing you and your family. Then an opening and showing of the film is played out at a local theater, where you, the subjects of the film get to walk down the carpet with the actors playing you for the premiere and extended family is invited to critique and evaluate the film. Inside the theater, you recoil or laugh at how actors interpret you and your family. In the third act, dramatic license is used for a compelling ticking clock third act, in which you and your family save the world from global warming or karate chop the gun out of the hand of the previously unknown corrupt chief of police.
leinypoo13, Oct 29 2009




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