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Your Servant

off-line counter in the neighbourhood as interface to all services out there
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In the Netherlands you have to pay 50 cents extra if you buy your trainticket at the counter, not from a machine. If you want to claim the expenses for your wheelchair from your health insurance you have to use the online form. You can call the 0900-number to have a voice at the end of a long menu say you have to download the form online or enter your customer ID number to have it sent to you. Numerous examples.

Open a well lit, transparant, spacious, accessible shop with one person behind a counter giving service for all existing companies.

His or her name is on the door with a matching picture and the days (s)he is on holidays (announced three months in advance). There is a counter with the number of satisfied and unsatisfied customers so far.

The first question the clerk asks is wether you as a client were satisfied the last time you were helped by him/her. This is input for the counter at the entrance.

You then ask help for whatever service. Write a complaint, pay a bill, get some service from some company or whatever. Your question is recorded on camera and you are being interviewed for all kind of details. If you can be helped right a way you will, if not, you are asked to return at time x. If your personal assistant needs any more information, you will be called.

Your data is recorded on camera and archived. At any moment you can ask access to it and have parts of it deleted. After all, it is there only to help you.

You can also leave video messages using the camera at the door when your servant is busy helping other clients or when the shop is closed.

It is on a subscription basis, you pay a monthly fee and you can see your assistant an x-number of times. Unused credit is automatically transferred to the next month.

The service negotiates direct access to the call centers of all the major companies. If possible even access to the intranets.

The experience of the service is sold as reports to companies who want to improve their service. If they want to outsource more service to this organisation, they have to pay for it.

All other information gathered is also for sale. Who is the best plumber in the neighbourhood? The Servant knows, thanks to the feedback (s)he gets from the customers. The local plumber can start advertising with 'The Servant recommends me', but you will never be certain if you are not a client. Things might have changed in the meanwhile after all.

rrr, Sep 21 2007


       So, an online valet service? Hard to believe that doesn't exist already.
DrCurry, Sep 21 2007

       Hollidays 3 months in advance? Why not hire a robot?
Custardguts, Sep 23 2007


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