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Yupela Mepela 'Bun'

'When you say 'Bun' in English, we Pidgin English speakers hear 'Bone'
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Yupela tok 'Bun', mumbawun nokut. Tok Pisin 'Bun' min Inglis 'Bone'.

Yupela plis tok 'Bret' na 'Pis'. Oke?

ConsulFlaminicus, Mar 05 2006

Tok Pisin, an introduction by Jeff Siegel http://www.une.edu....angnet/tokpisin.htm
[jutta, Mar 05 2006]

lime spatula? WTF? http://www.tok-pisi...D*get&Submit=Submit
[jutta, Mar 09 2006]

Lime spatula. http://www.lewiswar...obriand/page05.html
Used for chewing betel nut. I have a decorated lime holder from PNG. [spidermother, Mar 09 2006]


wagster, Mar 05 2006

       ConsulFlaminicus beschwert sich darüber, daß das englische Wort für Brötchen in der milanesischen Taubensprache "Gräte" bedeutet. Oder so ähnlich.
jutta, Mar 05 2006

       Sehr interessant, die deutsche wort "Gräte" ist wie "great!".
wagster, Mar 05 2006

       I lived in PNG for a year when I was about 3 or 4 years old. I don't remember much, but we lived out in these hills just covered in grass. I was really little, and when the wind was blowing, the hills looked like waves of green water, and I was afraid I would sink.
DesertFox, Mar 05 2006

       I lived in JPG for a while. It was much smaller and simpler than PNG but I missed the beautiful transparency channel so I moved.
wagster, Mar 06 2006

       I heard that GIF is quite moving.
Ling, Mar 06 2006

       Aye,'tis home to an animated people.
Cuit_au_Four, Mar 09 2006

       [jutta] re your link... I believe that is a 'Kalkspachtel'.
ConsulFlaminicus, Mar 09 2006

       Oh. I was thinking lime, as in one third the scurvy-fighting power of a lemon. (Thanks for the beautiful link, spidermother!) What amused me was that it came up as a homonym of love, laikim. Guess those betel nuts must really be something.
jutta, Mar 09 2006


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