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Zen Garden Kitty Litter

Making the buddhist of a bad situation
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Kit includes: 1 wooden rake (doubles as clump scoop) 1 shallow cat box of cherry wood 1 starter bag of clumping litter 1 bottle of clump glaze (with applicator)
tfangio, Aug 06 2003

Zen-doo: Constructing A Beautiful Zen Garden http://atomicdeathr...icon/litterbox.html
[phoenix, Oct 04 2004]

pretty litter http://www.halfbake...dea/pretty_20litter
[phoenix, Oct 04 2004]

Cat Box Zen Garden http://www.thegoodn...tBoxZen/default.htm
Online applet to simulate one [krelnik, Oct 04 2004]


       Fujitasan, you mean that wasn't Almond Roca?
wombat, Aug 06 2003

       now i know this has been posted before. its how i found HalfBakery 3 or so years ago, searching the internet for Zen Gardens and coming across a kitty litter zen garden thing in here.
HalfwayHebrew, Aug 06 2003

       Passing cat leaves box
Garden, like river, is change
No need for clump glaze
bungston, Aug 06 2003

       Clump, no clump, what diffrence to butterfly.
sub_text, Aug 06 2003

       "Clump Glaze"???   

       Love it!
scarkner, Aug 07 2003

       I want a deep cherrywood box with a screwdown lid, a radioactive source and a bottle of poison. Schrodinger's Zen Cat Box.   

       The Geiger counter
clicks. Perhaps the cat still lives;
The Tao tells us all.

       Zen is NOT the smell of cat shit.
8th of 7, Aug 07 2003

       cat squats in garden
cat covers poo near catnip
kitten sniffs catnip
gnomethang, Aug 07 2003

       we call it kitty roca
lily the dog eats it all up
none left for the kids
oxen crossing, Aug 07 2003

       Read Terry Pratchett's "Night Watch."   

       "The cat doings?"   

       "That is to show that chaos, like a cat, gets everywhere."   

       "And the beer bottle?" ...pause... "Some damn fool always throws one over the wall Saturday night."
Eugene, Aug 07 2003

       When you can snatch the cat dropping from my hand... it is time for you to go.   

       There's a brand of litter in UK called "Catsan". Not just for Japanese cats though.
angel, Aug 08 2003


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