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Zen watch

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A wristwatch with no hands or numbers, just the word "Now" in large letters on the face.
hippo, Apr 16 2021

Wristwatch of the aeons Wristwatch_20of_20the_20aeons
[Voice, Apr 16 2021]

Halfbakery: Shifty Watch Shifty Watch
Similar to [pocmloc] and [hippo]'s musings about watches that react to being looked at. [zen_tom, Apr 20 2021]


       [Voice] Oh no! This pseudo-Zen idea is baked by [zen_tom]'s annotation on your Zen-ish idea. I'm going to be very Zen about it though and return the bits that make up this idea to whence they came... [marked-for-expiry]
hippo, Apr 16 2021

       Several years ago I made a piece of work in the form of a retracting inch tape, that was calibrated along its length with the words "more" and "less" spaced alternatively.
xenzag, Apr 16 2021

       It scores at least a triple zen-conjunction and as such the idea would appear to be at one with itself [+]
zen_tom, Apr 16 2021

       Being that the idea is in regards to timelessness, feel free, [hippo] to delete it never. Or then, or now. Ommm
blissmiss, Apr 17 2021

       A faux watch face on a fob case.
wjt, Apr 20 2021

       The watch has a normal face and tells the time accurately to the nearest second (perhaps calibrated by the radio signals to ensure accuracy). However there is a tiny camera with image recognition generic algorithms which detects when you are looking at the watch, upon which detection the face goes completely blank and remains blank until you look away.
pocmloc, Apr 20 2021

       [pocmloc] That's good - you should post that as a separate idea. A variant of your idea would be a watch on which the time changed slightly when being viewed. This would be marketed as the "Quantum Watch", the point being that, like a subatomic particle, the act of observing it changes the state of the thing.
hippo, Apr 20 2021

       That would be a very suspicious feeling, [hippo] if every time you looked at it the bloody thing pretended to bei doing something else. It would be very Sus indeed. I'd call it a Sus- Qua-Watch. (But I do have big feet)
AusCan531, Apr 20 2021

       //Sus- Qua-Watch// [+]
zen_tom, Apr 20 2021


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