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Ziplock Gift Bags

Reusable no-hassle present wrap
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Plastic bags with opaquely printed decorative designs are positively baked, but where are the ziplock versions? Imagine a line of ziplock bags with gift wrap designs printed on them. Drop in the present, close the seal, "Merry Christmas."

I created a number of prototypes for this invention covering transparent ziplock bags with two pieces of contact paper used for lining kitchen cabinets and drawers. The difficulty of opening the ziplock seal added the prolonged anticipatory prerevalation effect of unwrapping a paper-wrapped gift with a bonus suprise moment after the seal was open and the gift recipient peered down into the dark gift bag interior to see what was inside. The contact paper skin also added extra strength to the ziplock bag panels.

Ziplock gift bags continue to protect presents even after opening and are completely reusable. This idea came to me in the early hours of Christmas Day 1981 rushing to finish gift wrapping presents for my large family.

Cube, Jan 25 2006


       //This idea came to me in the early hours of Christmas Day 1981// - I so wish that I could remember all the ideas I've come up with over the past fifteen years. My account would be overflowing.   

       Logical idea but quintessentially un-Christmassy I'm afraid.
wagster, Jan 25 2006

       It would be great for Christmas cookies and other leftovers.
zigness, Jan 28 2006

       Perfect for Sorta Claus to deliver his gifts in.
dbmag9, Jan 28 2006

       The lock itself could, instead of running in a straight line, have ornamental shapes. You know, like snow flakes, spirals, zigzags, that kind of thing.   

       Hm, nah, I'd still go for a tin cookie box, I'm afraid.
jutta, Jan 28 2006

       I like this - it just takes some christmassy stick-on labels and is excellent for people who cannot wrap presents. where's SDG when you need him?   

       jutta is ace at wrapping stuff!
po, Jan 28 2006


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