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Zombie Paintball Equipment

A vest featuring a rip-outable heart for the living, full zombie motif face mask and helmet for the un-dead
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Problem with zombie paintball is it's too one sided. In real life, you need to shoot the zombie in the head to stop it, but it gets to rip our your heart if it ducks, surprises you, swarms with his buddies etc.

This evens the playing field for both sides. The zombie helmet/facemask features a target band that must be hit for it to constitute a solid headshot. It's made up to look like a zombie of course. The humans wear a vest that has a compartment in the front and one in back that contains a rubber heart, attached with velcro that can be ripped out.

Of course the rules are simple. Once you get your heart ripped out, you put on the zombie outfit and join the undead whose ranks grow with every kill.

This gives the zombies something to fight for instead of just being targets for the living, and as in real life, no guarantees that there'll be any survivors.

I like the idea of a heart in the back of the vest as well as the front. You can be sitting there thinking you're all badass when a zombie sneaks up behind you, you hear a ripping sound and turn around to see a zombie standing there with your heart. "Suit up buddy, you're one of us now!"

A laser tag version with sensors on the zombie helmet and a heart you just have to touch on the front and back of the vest would work too.

doctorremulac3, Oct 22 2012


       needs more organs [+]
Voice, Oct 22 2012

       I dunno. I'm not big on organized sports. [+]
AusCan531, Oct 22 2012

       Also needs real jelly doughnuts inside the removable organ pouches.
Voice, Oct 22 2012

       I am sure defenders would repel the advancing zombies with multiple body and groin shots. It is difficult to run up and grapple with someone who has a paintball gun blazing away.   

       Plus I think you would need more zombie players on the field than you would be likely to find in order to make this realistic.
bungston, Oct 22 2012

       I think a 3 to 1 zombie to human ratio would even things out. Zombies could also put their hands up to block shots. Only head shots kill remember.
doctorremulac3, Oct 22 2012

       Have you ever caught a paintball in the hand? It feckin' hurts, [Doc]!
Alterother, Oct 22 2012

       Particularly when some of the more ... unsporting ... combatants have "adjusted" their paintball guns to be a trifle more "effective" than the standard ones.   

       And added a few finishing touches.   

       Such as infrared sights ...
8th of 7, Oct 22 2012

       //Have you ever caught a paintball in the hand?//   

       Caught one on the lip once. Sucker took some kind of Governor Connally magic bullet trajectory and managed to get under my mask. Still not sure how.   

       But I didn't have time to bleed. Oh, wait, now that I think of it, actually I did.   

       Also made the mistake of getting shot and mistiming the raising of my hand (to signify I was out) and standing up, doing the standing part first. Got salvoed from about 5 angles at once. I'm guessing a firing squad would hurt more, but not much.
doctorremulac3, Oct 23 2012

       I was simply asking because it's hard to imagine anyone who's played the game willingly trying to block a shot with their open hand. I got one smack on the palm once, and another time a ball found its way under the cuff of my glove (in similar fashion to the one that got inside your mask, probably) and exploded between my middle and index fingers. I've played paintball three times in my life, been shot in the hand on two of those occasions.
Alterother, Oct 23 2012

       Yea, I'm thinking this might be a little more sense with laser tag since running up to a guy with a paintball gun without your own paintball gun might be less than fun.   

       The solution for paintball would be very heavy padding everywhere, hands included.   

       Or the laser thing. Paintballs do hurt like hell.
doctorremulac3, Oct 23 2012

       //It is difficult to run up and grapple with someone who has a paintball gun blazing away.//   

       Yes. Yes it is. Running at five of them firing thirteen rounds per second is even more difficult.
You should have seen the welts on me... and then you should have seen theirs.

       Good times good times.   

       //Have you ever caught a paintball in the hand?//   

       We switch up games fairly often. Sometimes we play what we call Confederacy where both armies stand apart in an empty field with solid lines facing one another and fire a single shot at the other army.
Then they get a shot.
Then everyone advances a single pace and does it again until one side is wiped out.
You are not allowed to crouch or leave your feet, you have to take it like a man. Only torso and head-shots count.

       Dodging and paintball catching is acceptable.   

       I really like physical zombie fighting game idea, but think a Lazertag-type system would work better, more realistically (once you've accepted zombies as "eealistic") and much less messily and expensively.   

       Definitely keep the heart-rip-outy chestpiece part, enhanced with an electric lock to prevent "dead" headshot zombies from winning on the follow- through.
CraigD, Oct 23 2012

       Lasertag would also better simulate the very real difficulty of scoring a headshot under combat conditions.
Alterother, Oct 23 2012


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