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"Change it" Mobile / Remote

Use your Mobile as a remote
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Why not combine basic remote control functions for TV's in mobile phones? Not technically difficult, although it would have to be one of those learning remotes
MrTheRich, Jun 30 2000

iphone remote for MythTV - via WiFi! http://www.legatissimo.info/node/355
[jutta, Feb 09 2008]


       The only problem I can think of is that a good remote has way more buttons (and is therefore way bigger) than any reasonable cell phone.   

       Still, you could do a lot with soft buttons. It's a good idea.
egnor, Jun 30 2000

       It wouldn't be that expensive really. Phones often have infra-red capabilities anyway (nokia make a couple and so do Ericson) so you'd just have to modify them slightly. If you lost it, you could just phone it and follow the ring.
MrTheRich, Jul 05 2000

       I have always thought that this idea is just around the corner, but I have never seen it "in the wild". How about an aftermarket battery with a remote built in - like the casio watches? I would love to have a cell phone that can use my auto alarm code to open the door or trunk to my car.
marc1919, Oct 19 2001

       They do it in watches, and mobile phone manufacturers are always looking for new gimmicks (check out the Nokia 5510). So I don't see why not.
pottedstu, Oct 19 2001

       "The only problem I can think of is that a good remote has way more buttons"   

       but you wouldn't need ALL the buttons...just the numbers and a channel/volume/up/down would let you get by 99% of the time
WanderingKnight, May 20 2003

       Baked. Some of the latest cell phones support software that does this by infrared.
NeoPiter, Mar 04 2005

       I sure would like to see this as an iPhone feature. The glass touch screen could have different configurations for different remotes.
nomocrow, Feb 03 2008

       My iPod has remote-control capabilities. The functions are saved as music and a little attachment converts the sound into the same infra-red pulses used by my other remote.
Shadow Phoenix, Feb 03 2008

       See link for one guy's iphone hack. He's controlling his MythTV-based home entertainment system using the iPhone via his local WiFi network and CGI scripts called from the phone.   

       I guess all we'd need to apply the same hack to secular TV would be a little WiFi-to-infrared converter box that can beam infrared to your TV in response to httpd accesses. You'd go to,1,2,2,1, and it would send short IR, short pause, long IR, long pause, short IR... (etc. I have no idea how IR protocols actually work - but it's got to be some sort of pulse encoding, right?)
jutta, Feb 09 2008


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