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Cell Phone + Cordless Phone
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A standard cell phone that when near a base station would convert over to be a 900mhz or 2.4ghz cordless phone. This way when you come home you would use the same phone but would not run up airtime minutes. You would need to forward your cell phone to your home line or your voice mail system. Another metohde to make this work would be to make the base station a micro-power cell tower connected to your home phone line. That way the same circutry would be used on the phone for both home based calls and away from home made calls. A security chip could be installed in your phone and base station to keep other cell phone users off of your base station and running up your long distance bill.
Firsttimer, Nov 18 2002

Bluephone http://www.techworl...playnews&NewsID=683
[wagster, Sep 05 2005]

TMobile At Home http://www.gizmodo.com/gadgets/t+mobile/
[theircompetitor, Aug 14 2006]


       These days this should come as standard feature with any mobile phone.
kinemojo, Sep 05 2005

       BT have just launched something very like this called Bluephone. You need an ADSL connection and a box that provides an interface between bluetooth and a free (ok, you have to pay subscription) VoIP service down the ADSL line. The phone (a Motorola) can switch seamlessly between the GSM network and your VoIP network at home, even while on a call. Clever really.
wagster, Sep 05 2005

       I wonder why these didn't take off?
Zimmy, Aug 14 2006

       TMobile is testing this too
theircompetitor, Aug 14 2006

       I always find it interesting that somebody like [Firsttimer] created an account, logged this idea, and vanished.
normzone, Aug 14 2006

       I originally found the halfbakery because I had a specific gadget idea in mind. I can see how someone has a specific gadget that seems very obviously to be needed, and just needs to tell someone about it.
theircompetitor, Aug 14 2006


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