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Cell Phoven

A Cell Phone/Microwave Oven
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Mobile/cell phones collect and transmit microwaves. Microwave Ovens use microwaves to heat food & drink. So why not utilise this co-insidence by having a small microwave built in to your cell/mobile phone.

[Good food on the go]

[ sctld ], May 10 2001


       "Tech support? Um, my husband's cell phoven isn't working right...he answered it and it set itself to 'boil' and then his eyes sort of glazed over and congealed and steam came out his nostrils. Anyway, I called to see if you could send me a jar of grey poupon...can't stand baked brains without good mustard..."
Dog Ed, May 10 2001

       Now I can have fresh popcorn when I bring my cell phone to the movies.
centauri, May 10 2001

       Whatttaya call 92 dudes with a cellphone in one ear sitting in a circle: A bonfire.
reensure, May 11 2001


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