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"I'm Happy" Speech Balloons

Helium balloons with pointy speech horns coming off the bottom, that say, "I'm Happy"
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I guess they could be shaped like thought clouds too and have 3 small spherical bubbles below them.

A lot has been written about speech balloons here. But i couldn't find any mention of regular helium balloons with pointy horns coming off the bottom.

The balloons could say, "I'm happy" and then you could go around being happy all the time to avoid the irony and embarrassment of being sad and having an "I'm happy" balloon.

In the linked idea [AfroAssault] complains of "using cardboard" (to write a thought balloon), "it takes really long to have to write down all the words, and then you can't reuse it. "

If you had an "I'm happy" balloon and you just stayed happy all the time, you wouldn't want to say anything except, "I'm happy", and it would always be true, and you wouldn't have to write anything new or change it ever. You could just tie the I'm happy speech balloon to an ear so that it floated above your head and you could walk around smiling and being right and not even actually moving your vocal chords but still communicating in real time with everybody.

JesusHChrist, Jan 07 2006

Talking balloons Real_20Talking_20Balloons
[JesusHChrist, Jan 07 2006]

No speech bubbles but thought bubbles. Scroll to the bottom. http://images.googl...0%26hl%3Den%26lr%3D
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Jan 08 2006]


       until someone says, "shoot the hippy"
JesusHChrist, Jan 07 2006

       There's a certain poetry to the image of a person becoming less and less happy as their "I'm Happy" balloon slowly deflates. +.
friendlyfire, Jan 07 2006

       Can I get a thought bubble that says "I wonder if these people are real..."
wagster, Jan 07 2006

       Thought so. [link]   

       I see this as another inexorable step towards the relaization of gameplay-styled living around the globe. Soon, peoples name's will float above their heads, and if you poke them they are forced to spew information about their lives. The job of the pickup artist has been removed. + for you.
Yarr, Jan 08 2006

       Nitrous balloon, that way one has some spare "happiness" in case of unhappiness.
jvanguts, Jan 08 2006

       A whiteboard marker should write on the surface of a helium balloon quite happily. Then you could create your own thoughts.
moomintroll, Jan 08 2006


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