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"More of the same" recycling/waste container

Memories of things eaten
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BorgCo now offer the latest in kitchen appliances to aid the smooth running of the home.

The new "smart" recycling/waste bin is equipped with a barcode scanner, wi-fi, and a small amount of intelligence; not quite as intelligent as an ant, but rather more intelligent than a Geography teacher.

When disposing of a used container - be it a can, a bottle, or a cardboard packet - simply offer the item to the barcode reader.

Then download the BorgCo software and install it on your pc; the software automatically connects to the bin and uploads a list. Heuristic algorithms analyse stock and preferences, and while at first you may have to build a database of "where I bought that nice cheese", after a few months, the program will not only print a shopping list, but show which stores each item came from - and possibly even if another store is offering the same or similar at a lower price. It can even go as far as placing orders automatically - vital when supplies of, for instance, toilet tissue are approaching critical minimums.

The software will also automatically install itself on your mobile phone, and all the other computers in your house, your neighbour's computers, the phone of anyone who walks within range of the wifi node, and everyone on your email list. You don't need to know any more about that.

8th of 7, Jun 29 2010

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       I think you would need to include a 'this was crap' indicator, to keep it buying stuff you didn't actually like. That, or a bypass so that stuff doesn't get scanned. [+]
gisho, Jun 29 2010


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