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"Raft of the Medusa" (or "Natural Selection")

"Big Brother" gone horribly right
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Take 8 vacuous early-twenties would-be-famous prats and seal 'em in a house. So far, so familiar. Then slowly start making their living conditions worse. Introduce disease, starve them, play with the temperature, deprive them of sleep etc. Set physically dangerous challenges that they must complete to get any supplies at all. Introduce a large wild animal. Televise the whole thing. The winner is... well, there's no winner. In fact the whole building is encased in concrete like Chernobyl and quarantined for 50 years.

Quality TV!

pawnpusher, Jul 19 2001

Japanese TV Gameshows http://www3.tky.3we...jp/~edjacob/tv.html
Getting pretty close already. [jutta, Jul 19 2001]

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       I'm sorry, I read your name as Porn Pusher.
lewisgirl, Jul 19 2001


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