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"Reserved For Expectant* Mothers"

Ensure the health of new mothers and unborn babies while leaving parking for the rest of us.
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When my sister was pregnant a few years back, she always talked about the importance of working out and keeping in shape, not only for vainity, but for heath reasons as well. One of the best and easiest methods of exercise for pregnant women is to walk. Walking is a relatively low impact way to burn calories and generally improve the health of both mother and child. So instead of having special parking spaces next to the door of the supermarket, like handicapped spaces, have reserved spaces on Row 27 or so, about 1/8 mile out there. This would ensure a mild workout at least a few times a week. But the need for exercise doesnt stop at childbirth. The same sister continued to go walking after her beautiful (and healthy) son was born and quickly lost most of the weight gained during her pregnancy. So to further aid in the health of new mothers, a special section of parking about 1/4 mile out would again ensure a healthier population. As a slight benefit to the rest of the population, we get that many more close parking spots when we go to the supermarket, but this is entirely a side effect and had no influence whatsoever on the creation of this idea. And as a disclaimer, this idea was developed by a woman (my other sister) as well, not just by myself, and is in no way meant to be insensitive to pregnant women or sexist or anything of that nature. I am merely looking out for their best interests as I see it.
Hunter79764, Jun 25 2006

I have a feeling this will come in handy. http://www.halfbake...al/help.html#tongue
[jutta, Jun 26 2006]


       doh! other kids...
po, Jun 25 2006

       /This would ensure a mild workout at least a few times a week/   

       <shudders while thinking of going to the supermarket more than once weekly>
Texticle, Jun 25 2006

       "Expectant" mothers?   

       I had to read the title twice .. before and after I'd clicked on it because something about the wording seemed not right.
reensure, Jun 26 2006

       Of course they would have the option of not parking there, I just felt that it would raise a little bit of awareness to otherwise absent minded people that exercise doesnt have to be done in a gym, and make note of the fact that society often causes harm when intending good. To [reensure], I apologize for my lack of correct wording. I am a product of public schools and share a home state with President Bush. Sometimes my words dont come out right, especially in written form.   

       And I appreciate the link. I think I will try to only post serious ideas from here on out. (Queen's "Another One Bites the Dust" plays softly in the background...)
Hunter79764, Jun 26 2006

       Yes, but(!) only a man would think up a thing like this...
Cesiii, Jun 26 2006

       the same could be said about overweight people, assign parking based on body fat percentage rows 1-5= 6-10% body fat rows 6-15= 11-20% body fat rows 16+ =20%+ body fat this way you are rewarded for good health
tatmkr, Jun 26 2006

       If I do something that is good for me I feel virtuous and free. If I am forced to do something that is good for me I feel like a slave. [-]
st3f, Jun 26 2006

       :)(Nothing personal intended, [Hunter79764]. Check this, though: I never blame public schools for students' lack of self-actualization. Besides, I can't begin to list specific examples of words I don't know.)   

       One small step toward health: a source reports that, if other lifestyle factors remain as they now are, a person will shed seven pounds in one year by parking their car in the lot at the most distant space from their employ's entrance.
reensure, Jun 26 2006

       For non US readers, "Expectant Mothers" is the right wing politically correct term for pregnant women.
Galbinus_Caeli, Jun 26 2006

       No it isn't.
reensure, Jun 26 2006

       I like tatmkr - you could mark the spots in the lot according to your Body Mass Index - BMI. Wow, then you could have sections with food too, like - I think my car is in the Cheese Fries section - BMI 35-40. (I have no real idea what a bad BMI is). Broccoli section - BMI 15-20.
trekbody, Jun 26 2006

       I have considered the overweight parking idea as well, but didn't think through to using BMI to dictate distance from the door. The study referred to was part of what led me (and my sister, who co-developed this idea, and is, as should be obvious, a woman) to the idea. A thought just came to me... I wonder if this concept has anything to do with why the produce section is usually at the front of the store and the beer, soft drink, and butter section is at the back? (Encourage people who consume these in mass quantities to walk farther to buy them?) just a thought... And to my defense, "expectant," "expecting," and "expected" are all pronounced "expectin' " in my native dialect of hick-i-fied english.
Hunter79764, Jun 26 2006

       Well, I be... [UnaBubba]'s from Texas too! I figgered I'as tha only one. (Sadly enough, I probly have family somewhere that talks exactly like that...)
Hunter79764, Jun 27 2006

       Sheer good tear fum yuns wunt inna while. Y'all purty smart bout them thar askents, but lissen hear: if'n yuh wanst to talk better now, ya's got tuh decline da Hick Latin better, too. Like dis, expectating is really said like "espectint", so best to be heard the same as yur friendly sentences "espectso", "espectoo", and "espectile".   

       Y'ull talk like ys jus left from down home, so do it.
reensure, Jun 27 2006

       I think Texas and Australia have alot in common. Both dessolate and unforgiving sometimes, but both really nice and pretty at others. Except we have more guns and an express lane to the electric chair.
Hunter79764, Jun 28 2006

       Nah, [UB]'s not nice or pretty. Well, he's definitely not pretty.   

       [edit] I'm a tad concerned I may find that he's unforgiving though...
david_scothern, Jun 28 2006

       i thought that [bubba] was from or at least in the U.S.
tcarson, Jun 29 2006

       Taking this idea seriously, which I am entirely unable to determine whether it's author intends me to or not, I notice at least a couple flaws in it's reasoning. One, pregnant women, at least of my acquaintance, at least half to two-thirds of the time, already have one or two kids they must drag around with them. In that case, I believe they should be able to drive right up the aisle and reach out the window for the milk or pickles.   

       Additionally, pregnant women's stamina is not always what it was before, and after a hard day dragging the kids all over town, the last thing they want is some pack of lazy lard-ass drivers clogging up all the close spots.   

       I know my wife would asses the situation in this hypothetical parking lot, say what the f--- is this b---s----, and shop elsewhere.
oxen crossing, Jun 30 2006


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