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🥐 Unicode bun for ideas

Use unicode on the halfbakery, where applicable
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It seems to me that we could display votes using unicode "🥐" to display votes in favor of ideas, instead of the current graphic.
goldbb, Aug 03 2017

Unicode bun and bone [pocmloc, Aug 03 2017]


       Ah, but it's a whole croissant, whereas demi-croissants are sometimes required. Also, is there a corresponding fish skeleton and demi-fish skeleton?
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 03 2017

nineteenthly, Aug 03 2017

       Yeah, because nothing says "good idea" like a little box poetically labelled "01F950".
Loris, Aug 03 2017

       Welcome, [Edie].
pertinax, Jan 18 2018


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