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'Get out of work' card

Inspired by britboy's "Secret Lucky Day" idea
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This idea would be for a business to sell extra days of vacation for the price of hiring a temp for the time (and a little extra fee so it pays for the company). Such a thing would be a great gift for your colleagues. Maybe there should be a certain minimum number of days you could buy because it could be hard to hire a replacement for just one day.
Saruman, Mar 13 2004

substitute worker http://www.halfbake...substitute_20worker
Almost identical idea [hippo, Oct 04 2004]

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       "Ah Mr Saruman, the heart surgeon you were going to see has a 'Get out of work' card for today - I'm the temp. Don't worry though, I'm sure I can pick it up as I go along..."
hippo, Mar 13 2004

       OK, so it would not work for ALL jobs...
Saruman, Mar 13 2004

       [hippo]: Oh, I see. Sorry for not having searched thoroughly. Except for the "gift certificate" angle, it really *is* practically the same idea. Let's see if I'll delete this.
Saruman, Mar 13 2004

       Actually, if you rename the idea to "Get out of work GIFT card", the fact that it's bought for coworkers could make it worthy of standing on its own.
supercat, Mar 13 2004


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