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required online morning break for employees
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all employees would be required at the same time to go online and play - no work or financial or business related pursuits allowed (no you can't check your stocks). e-recess is for visiting game sites, humor sites, art sites, chat sites, etc.
naia, Aug 11 1999


       All employees would also have to be required to go home at 5:00 instead of staying late to complete work. Otherwise they'd inevitably end up having to stay later than they would if they hadn't taken an "e-recess" break.
waxmaker, Mar 02 2000

       Recess or not, anything that forces me home at 5:00 would be welcome.
juke, Mar 04 2000

       But what about the dedicated workaholic that has more fun working than playing? (Note: I'm not EVEN close to being one of these people...but I know they exist.)
monde, Mar 04 2000

       isn't this what one does when ones boss is away and there is no large looming project needing to be done right NOW anyway?
jearbear, Mar 08 2000

       It's what I'm doing now (and have been since getting back from the pub this afternoon where I spent an hour or so watching Wimbledon)
MrTheRich, Jun 29 2000

       great idea - but additional mental strain would require remission of hours - so home at 4.00 -frances
frances, Aug 31 2000

       Doesn't everyone do this anyway?
mrthingy, Sep 01 2000

       I'm doing it right now...and for the last 21 hours I've spent here.
raisin, Sep 28 2000


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