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bladder alert belt

wear belt, be alerted to your need to go.
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a tight belt with USB connection that rings a bell and produces an alert on your monitor when you really *should* be relieving the pressure on your bladder instead of just doing 5 more minutes work.

it’s so hard to drag yourself away from your work when you’re on a roll…

po, Mar 19 2007

Bladder gauge Bladder_20Gauge_20for_20Humans
Did you forget, or is this an add-on? [lurch, Mar 19 2007]


       I'm not sure how this would distinguish between the tension produced by a full bladder and that produced by having an extra pastie for lunch.
hippo, Mar 19 2007

       Lose the USB, and go Bluetooth and I'll bun it.
coprocephalous, Mar 19 2007

       its worn lower down, hippo the hipster.
po, Mar 19 2007

       The built-in biological alarm works quite well for me I must say.
placid_turmoil, Mar 19 2007

       Worn low enough and with an absorbent lining you would not need to drag yourself from...Just what is so pressing that you can't drag yourself away to go to the little girls' room po?
the dog's breakfast, Mar 19 2007

       teltubby porn
hippo, Mar 19 2007

po, Mar 19 2007

       //it’s so hard to drag yourself away from your work when you’re on a roll// - po has a job as a sandwich filling.
xenzag, Mar 19 2007


       oops, lurch I need to look at that.
po, Mar 19 2007

       A good idea for the workaholic, but I hate to think of what the mechanics of something like this would involve (i.e. bladder probe).
Honduras, Mar 20 2007

       something quite simple and non-intrusive. just a pressure sensitive device below the tum so that hippo's pasty doesn't set it off.
po, Mar 20 2007

       It can sense [hippo]'s pastie when it... presses against ... you? po?   

       Quite a device! (+)
m_Al_com, Mar 20 2007


Pluterday at complaint window*: “Po is stealing my ideas!”

*Stolen from Seinfeld.
ldischler, Mar 20 2007


       --scuse me a second.
squeak, Mar 20 2007

       What [placid] said.
theleopard, Mar 20 2007

       I think it would be quite possilbe with a small ultra sound device and sensor....but calibrating it might be very interesting.
Blisterbob, Mar 20 2007

       I'm going to ask; what job is so enticing?
ColonelMuffins, Mar 20 2007

       Perhaps you could attach it to an adult diaper, (Dependsish), just in case of a 'malfunction"?
blissmiss, Mar 20 2007

       [Makes note not to sit next to po...]
DrCurry, Mar 20 2007

       I'm thinking Peltier-pants and yellow ice cubes, for some reason.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 21 2007

       Potty vision with electronic weight sensing.   

       "I'll get you Donkey Kong!"   





       *Return to play*
skinflaps, Mar 21 2007

       excellent Steve. where ya been?
po, Mar 21 2007

       going pee-pee perhaps?
blissmiss, Mar 21 2007

       Fitted to a Driver's Ed instructor, it will automatically actuate the brakes as needed.
lurch, Mar 21 2007


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