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'Growing' Wig

Looks so natural...
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Wig comprised of mesh portion for positioning over scalp. Said wig is covered by coiled locks of hair held at the desired length by tiny hairnets of their own.

The user carefully turns a concealed knob at the top of the wig, lengthening the hair to simulate hair growth.

Or by using the special brush. Available separately.

surfish, Feb 17 2005

"concealed knob" - suggested styling http://www.real153....mg/news/majeika.jpg
[calum, Feb 21 2005]

The chia solution http://www.whatonea.../regular/AP2932.jpg
[Worldgineer, Feb 22 2005]


       So if you wanted to transition between a five inch wig and a ten inch wig, but you didn't want your co-workers to notice a sudden change, you could wear the Grow-wig for a month, starting at five inches, and increasing it 1/8 inch per day.
robinism, Feb 21 2005

       With appropriate stealth.
surfish, Feb 22 2005

       The suggested styling is right-o!
surfish, Feb 22 2005

       this is baked in dolls, Chrissy, "beautiful Chrissy with hair that grows",available on ebay, and Dora the Expolorer magic hair.
dentworth, Feb 22 2005

       Very Baked. (I yanked out more than one doll's lovely, long, hidden tresses, when frustrated.)
blissmiss, Feb 22 2005


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