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Full Spectrum Hair

Two general notions
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From the title one might guess that I'm suggesting somebody who is interested in wild hair colors do this as much as possible. Yup!

The usual list of colors of the spectrum, in order of lowest color frequency to highest, is red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, and indigo. Other colors can be fit into the scale, such as a particular shade of yellow-green that is considered to be THE color that the human eye is the most sensitive to detecting (and many people consider it to be as glaringly ugly as it is glaringly obvious). Also, a certain shade of brown can precede "red" on the list, even though brown is usually/technically, a very-low-intensity yellow or orange. Finally, black can both precede brown and follow indigo.

Anyway, after selecting a spectral list, the next thing to decide is how to arrange the colors. Here is where the "two general notions" appear.

First, just as an example, let's assume a left-to-right arrangement. Thus, several front-to-back "part" lines are introduced along the scalp between hanks of hair. The leftmost hank gets the first color on the list, the next hank gets the next color, and of course the last hank, on the right side of the head, gets the last color. Obviously, this general notion includes the possibility that the colors could be done front-to-back instead, with the part-lines running left-to-right. Or some diagonal choice might be made, instead.

Second, and rather more difficult to implement, is to divide the LENGTH of hair into even sections. Then the section of hair closest to the scalp gets the first color on the list, the next section gets the next color, until the section of hair farthest from the scalp gets the last color on the list.


Vernon, Jan 30 2008

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[xandram, Jan 30 2008]


       Why use 'hanks' of hair? Define the scalp as a grid (axes selected for design and symmetry), apply hue and saturation values to each individual hair, and colour accordingly. Then you would have a continuous spectrum, rather than a step-wise colouration.
neutrinos_shadow, Jan 30 2008

       <extraordinarily petty pedant tonight>"indigo, and violet", surely</eppt>
<aposiopesis>I'm not being drawn on the Oxford Comma.</aposiopesis>

       //a particular shade of yellow-green// I wonder whether this is related to predators' eyes, or ripening fruit, or both. There's a philosophically interesting area where respectable evolutionary theory fades into aetiological mythogenesis.   

       "Hank, is that you? Why are you only parti-colored in one dimension? Couldn't you at least look more like one of those things on a computer where you pick a colour from a two-dimensional area? Hank? Hank?   

pertinax, Jan 30 2008

       Yes, i like. This might persuade me to do something with my hair. It's been sixteen years since i've done anything other than wash it.
nineteenthly, Jan 30 2008


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