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'Mewsment Park

Night at the Moewzuem.
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I make some pretty cool cat trees. Recycled carpet tubes and used carpet make them light, modular and eco-friendly.
My upholstery skills make for some fairly realistic bark and foliage patterns and the cats can't seem to get enough of them. Little tree-forts, miniature tire swings, hollow trunks...

So I thought... they have indoor dog parks, why not an indoor cat park?
Some robotic fish in a small pond over in the corner, some RC ornithopters and battery powered roaming ball toys, a forest of climbable everything, maybe a few laser pointers later and you've got some seriously un-bored felines.

Turns out I'm just behind the curve, [link], but I thought I'd post it anyway because they are not widely known to exist yet.

This way to the fee line.
Y'all come back meow y'hear?

Go Winnipeg! https://www.mayorbo...-off-leash-cat-park
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Oct 27 2019]

Kitten Kong https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=tb59dEHRt5Q
Kitten Kong takes London! (goodies episode from 70s) [xenzag, Oct 29 2019]


Voice, Oct 27 2019

       ^ No. The Borg are open season this time of year... but you can't bait them.   

       We wish to register the crushing disappointment inflicted on us when after reading a highly promising title we were confronted by such a lacklustre idea.   

       It could have been so good; a vehicle storage area floored with cats, or a garden with trees that have been turned into a sort of furry, miaowing Golgotha ...   

       But no.   

8th of 7, Oct 27 2019

       I see 8th trapped in a giant hour glass as well used cat litter descends from above. Just before the last fatal pieces fall, with the gradually increasing chorus of a thousand cats discordantly meowing reaching a crescendo, the glass flips over so that it can start all again for a new audience who are already laughing in anticipation.
xenzag, Oct 27 2019

       Strange to say, New Yorkers would probably pay to visit the cat park and play with other people's cats. Cat cafes used to be booked months in advance.
4and20, Oct 27 2019

       <cocks 30-30>
We can't bait'em but we must be prepared if they choose to charge...

       I've been sort of been half-assed considering building such a thing for real to see if there's a demand.
I will call it [The Let-Meowt] <scratch that later edit 'Mewsment park> right next door to my laundromat/dog wash facility called, wait for it...

       ...[Suds-Your-Duds 'n Sog-Your-Dog]   

       The imaginary village of the future is almost complete!   

       I didn't know they existed and I love the idea. Frisco has never played with his but I'm convinced it's because he doesn't know how. If he could watch his peers romp and climb, he might get the idea. So +, and a little meow for you.
blissmiss, Oct 27 2019

       // I thought I'd post it anyway because they are not widely known to exist yet // You saw the date on that article, right? This doesn't exist yet. True, someone did think of the idea first, but only as an April fools joke. You've actually advanced it half a step to become a half-baked idea.
scad mientist, Oct 28 2019

       Ha! They got me.   

       Do you ship to UK?
po, Oct 28 2019

       For you m'lady we can make an exception.   

       Name change!   

       Coincidentally it is national cat day today in the US.
That is all.


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