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Laser pointer that portrays realistic 3D mouse shape facsmile
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A cat's quick muscular effort deserves a more realistic nothingness.

Care can, of course, be measured in dollars. mousey is in stores in the future. Platinum mousey has changing mouse postures to give an extra cat confusion.

wjt, Mar 08 2019


       Here's a laser shaped croissant crumb to chase around the room. [+]
xenzag, Mar 08 2019

       [8th] will doubtless offer to provide an 80W CO2 laser for the prototype.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 09 2019

       And don't forget about laser pointer crickets for your overweight gecko's exercise regime.   

       You could be on to something here.   

       Sold as a set with revolving Nice Mice Night Light, projecting mice all over the walls to keep naturally-nocturnal kitty occupied and out of Mistress/Master's bedroom for a full eight hours.
Sgt Teacup, Mar 09 2019

       ^ Old stock, a bit smelly? Button batteries sometimes have a cellophane freshness seal.
wjt, Mar 14 2019


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