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'SAY IT' with flowers2

borrowed name | orginal idea
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When buying flowers online there is be an option to allow people to record voice messages. This personalized greeting is placed in the bouquet behind a heart shaped 'squeeze me' button which when pressed delivers the greeting. Once the flowers are used the little message device can be stored for memory.
nomadic_wonderer, Jan 14 2007


       C'mon you can't come up with an orginal name... that's just kind of sad.
flynn, Jan 14 2007

       But you know what, it is a good idea!
DrCurry, Jan 15 2007

       I don't know about the quality of those voice chips (although a high-quality voice greeting might be even creepier than a crappy one.)   

       What would you record? "&$#@!" (to Stephen Notley)?
jutta, Jan 15 2007

       Why should the button be heart-shaped?   

       What if I'm doing a corporate takeover and I want to dismiss all the senior staff by sending them termination notices attached to bouquets of hemlock? How would a heart-shaped button contribute to that sentiment? Or, even worse, a Smiley face button?   

       What if I wished to send a bouquet which is not intended for good but for evil? What if I want my recording to say "Mwahahahaha! By pressing this button you have unleashed my evil plan to take over the world. Nothing can stop me now!"? THAT kind of button should be, oh I dunno, maybe a bullseye?   

       Oh, you still get a bun though!
Canuck, Jan 15 2007

       For the ultimate in mixed messages, record the brown note.
Galbinus_Caeli, Jan 15 2007


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