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'YOU DO THE MATH' calculator

A calculator to get kids learning maths.
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The kid can enter a sum on the calculator, but whenever the '=' button is pressed, the calculator displays 'YOU DO THE MATH' as opposed to the answer. The kid then has to do the maths themselves.
nickandtom, Mar 03 2009

Would definitely piss these kids off! http://www.hulu.com...ght-live-calculator
[daseva, Mar 03 2009]


       Then it shocks them? And tells them to brush their teeth before bed? And then dispenses a small snack to comfort their bruised developing ego? I'm just trying to help.
daseva, Mar 03 2009

       It could say "YOU DO IT" only when a particularly easy sum or product is entered. Or, to avoid nagging, just respond, "TOO EASY".
phundug, Mar 03 2009

       there has to be some positve reinforcement, whenever they type in the correct answer to a new problem.
loonquawl, Mar 03 2009

       How about a calculator which sometimes gives blatantly incorrect results, such as, 12+7 = 500. Kids should then press the "CALL BLUFF" button, and be given points.   

       Maybe that way we can grow a generation who know financial twaddle when they see it.
placid_turmoil, Mar 03 2009

       I think it should have a clicky dial to adjust the difficulty before it bails out. Calculations are timed, then below a certain time period, it doesn't display the result.
nineteenthly, Mar 03 2009

       I Laughed! +
blissmiss, Mar 03 2009

       What's the point [21 Quest] you say? YOU DO THE MATH!
blissmiss, Mar 03 2009

       I think Casio have already thought of that one: I type in 4 x Pi =, and the answer is: 4Pi. Absolutely brilliant! Then I type in ANS/5 = and the answer is 4Pi/5. It actually goes on like this for quite some time, until I swear and press R-P or something similar and then it succumbs and gives me the answer in decimal.
Ling, Mar 04 2009

       What about a calculator that will only do any calculation once. If you happen to reenter the same equation a few years later, it just says "YOU DID THE MATH!" This forces the student to pay attention to the output, not just copy it onto the answer sheet.
phundug, Mar 04 2009

       Well, that's just stupid.
daseva, Mar 04 2009

       How about a twenty grand car that simply plays the message "get out and walk" through a speaker and sits there on your driveway?
Bad Jim, Mar 04 2009

       [Ling], to her considerable chagrin, my daughter owns that calculator. She won't touch it with a bargepole.
nineteenthly, Mar 04 2009

       I'm rather partial to my HP48's favorite error: "Too Few Arguments"
lurch, Mar 06 2009

       I did something like that. I made a program on my graphing calculator so that when somebody asks me to borrow it, the only answer they get is "ERROR: INPUT." Some people try and redo the input...again, and again, and again (until, after try #5, the calculator says "ERROR:I WOULD PREFER NOT TO."
plasticspoon, Mar 06 2009

       were you my calc 1 teacher? sounds familiar
redpandainventor, Mar 06 2009

       <need it>   


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